Project Dressing Area.

By | December 9, 2010

Yup, you guessed my lovelies – I’m sorting out my dressing area. I’ve never had a proper area to get ready. I have big tinted (which are a MAJOR pain in the backside) mirrors on my wardrobe doors & tend to sit on the floor to do my hair & make-up. But recently I’ve been obsessed with organising my room! I’ve purchased things & am on the hunt for little bits & bobs to create the perfect dressing area with lots of neat storage & organisation ideas too!

So, I thought (as any blogger would LOL), why not blog my journey? I’ll update you every time something different happens to my dressing area. A lot has happened since, but I will try & spread it out in a couple of posts! I’m not sure how long ‘Project Dressing Area’ will take but hey, I’m not in a rush!

I thought long & hard about a dressing table. I NEVER knew just how expensive they are!! I tried my luck at ‘Home Sense’ (all things home related, which is a part of TK Maxx) & I came home with this beauty!!…

Sorry about the picture quality, I took it on my phone. This amazing table is black & gold. As soon as I saw it I knew I had to get it! I think it even said my name in the store ;) It was £79 which is VERY cheap compared to the other ones I saw which were well into the HUNDREDS! I felt uber strong that day as I had to move the bookshelf to the other side of my room as well as getting the table in & out my car! My room looked like it threw up by the time I moved my bookshelf alone…

Don’t worry, I cleaned it all up LOL! My room was looking MUCH better… & surprisingly bigger, despite having more furniture in it! I put my amazing little dressing table on the other end of the wall, in the corner, here…

Pretty much everything on it is messy! I’m still trying to sort it out :oops: After getting my dressing table sorted I was on the hunt for a matching VINTAGE looking mirror to put on the wall. My room has rubbish lighting so I need to sort that out too! There’s LOADS to do still :) I’m so excited!

I seem to have a LOVE-HATE relationship with TK Maxx – but this journey was all love!

Where do you get ready anywhere unusual? Or do you love your dressing tables?

  • Cynthia Z

    That table is so beautiful! This post is making me hate my dresser so much right now ;p


    • Kaushal

      It was the only one there as well – I was lucky to have found it hehe :) Aww, I’m you can re-do your dressing area ;) x

  • Lauren

    HOME SENSE IS AMAZING! It’s actually my favourite store every :D
    I feel so cool that we’re both talking about the same shop :D

    • Kaushal

      LOL!! Ahh, I’m glad I can share my Home Sense love with someone!! :D xx

  • Amina @ Innerbelle

    wish i cud fit a dresser into my already crowded room, i have a makeup area on top of my chest of drawers which has a light up mirror and some lil drawers on both sides to store makeup brushes and cleasning products bt every morning i always turn my self round and do my makeup sitting in front of my huge mirror on wardrobe, weird right??

    • Kaushal

      I thought my room would look super crowded but it’s really weird that is doesn’t? LOL – I always find myself trying to get ready in my old spot but I should change my ways… Well I hope I can?! xx

  • melanie sunshine

    That dresser is gorgeous – I LOVE gold!

    Kisses, Melanie

    • Kaushal

      Thank you Melanie :D x

  • Fee

    oh love Homesense for furniture and accessories…but you do have to rumage which is annoying!

    Love the chest…really pretty! Also looking forward to the up coming posts ;)

    Fee x

    • Kaushal

      I totally get what you mean about the rummaging thing – reminds me a bit of H&M LOL x

  • Lily

    Oooh! That is stunning! You might want to check out charity shops for a vintage mirror – sometimes they have some lovely bits of furniture and décor hiding away in them :)

    • Kaushal

      Thank you my lovely! I already found my mirror! It’s gorgeous!! I’ll do an update on it soon :D xx

  • WillWorkForMakeup

    I have a love-hate relationship with TJ Maxx too (I wonder why they changed the K to a J in the US?) but I absolutely LOVE that dressing table! x

    • Kaushal

      LOL – I think it’s because there’s a company here called TJ Maxx already? It’s very hit & miss though right? x

  • roshni

    i love it :) can’t wait to see your follow up posts xxx

    • Kaushal

      Thank you doll :) xx

  • Monika

    It’s lovely! And what a bargain, love it when you find something perfect andddddd it’s in the sale. xx

    • Kaushal

      Yup :) I loveeeee bargains too :) x

  • Pink Stilettos

    I want that dresser! xoxo

    Pink Stilettos

    • Kaushal

      It’s gorgeous isn’t it! x

  • Sriya

    I love that dressing table <3 x

    • Kaushal

      Thank you Sriya :) x