• Sriya

    Love the dress.. Hate the price! x

    • Kaushal

      I wish they weren’t so expensive!! :( x

  • alisha

    Kim and Khloe Kardash have a similar one. Not that I stalk them or anything ha! ;) xx

    • Kaushal

      LOL! You’re so funny Alish! I think I’ve seen them in it too hehe! :) x

  • http://throughrosetintedlenses.wordpress.com/ Kat

    Drooling on my keyboard…

    … ok, not really ;)

    Kat Xx

    • Kaushal

      Hehehe :) It’s a stunner right? x

  • http://www.ellinelledaydreams.blogspot.com Ellinelle

    ..gorgeous dress ..I love the colour ..awwww ..Herve Leger

    • Kaushal

      I agree and the sequin detail on it is stunning! I love these bandage type dresses of his! x

  • http://angiepizants.blogspot.com/ angie

    that dress is hot! i just wish it was shorter! lol

    • Kaushal

      Totally true – it would look better a little shorter :) Good thinking Angie :D x

  • http://miss-rinrin.blogspot.com Rinz

    thanks for following my blog i am following u back!! =)) and this is a pretty dress! I saw once or twice on Kim K in the magazine.

    • Kaushal

      Uh huh, very Kim Kardashian-y :) x

  • sabina

    omg, i love it!! its soo sexy

    • Kaushal

      Thank you doll :D x

  • roshni

    that’s very similar to a dress that Cheryl Cole was wearing!! It’s gorgeous! Pity about the price :( xx

    • Kaushal

      I totally know which one you’re on about (when she launched her ring, right?) But yep, shame about the price :( But I’m sure someone will do a copy! x