Pink 4 Friday Madness!

Hi my lovelies! Hope you all had a lovely weekend? I took a random trip to London & also went to the FCUK sample sale… I’ll show you the goodies I got from it & let you know how it was in another post. But for now I thought I’d tell you all that I managed to get a hold of the ‘PINK 4 FRIDAY‘ lip stick! It’s the lip stick that Nicki Minaj has created in collaboration with MAC, which launched last friday in line with her new album (also in my last ‘Wordless Wednesday’ post!)

RRP: £12.50

I eagerly waited till 12am to order it as I knew it would be a little mad & hectic to try & get it any later ;) I was a little bummed that mine only arrived today (with a REALLY horrible DHL delivery man!) as I was excited from Friday night when I got an e-mail saying that it had been dispatched… I’m such an eager beaver like that :oops: As you can tell it’s a very BARBIE doll, bright, in-your-face kind of pink! Pretty much like Miss Minaj herself, I’d say!

As soon as I got it I tried it on of course :) but also had tested it against MAC’s ‘VIVA GLAM GAGA‘. I was hoping it’d be different… Although I don’t think I could ever have too many pink lip sticks :) But on the other hand I would be annoyed for it to end up being like another MAC lippy but with a different name.

LUCKILY, they’re different! ‘Viva Glam Gaga’ has a peachy undertone & is less pigmented. Whereas ‘Pink 4 Friday’ is super pigmented & is very bright! So, here’s the lippy on my lips…

This was literally with one coat of the colour & I also used a little more with a lip brush to neaten it up. As you can tell it’s very in-your-face in the flash. I wouldn’t wear this during the day as it’s OTT, but definitely during a night out somewhere :) I really like that the lip stick is MATTE & not frosted or very shiny, I think it makes it look very different!

After reading, hearing & seeing some posts on this, I have to admit… I was a little scared to try it on but I gotta say that I do LOVE this colour! Because you don’t need to use much of it, it’ll last ages too :)

Was it worthwhile? From what I’ve heard it’s similar to MAC’s SAINT GERMAIN so if you’re not drawn into this hype I suppose you can opt for that instead… However, if you’re like me & many, MANY others… You only have THREE more Fridays left to get your hands on this!!

What are your thoughts? Is anyone tempted? :)

P.S – Oh, by the way, one thing that REALLY dissapointed me about this was the packaging!! I was hoping it to be BRIGHT PINK or have Nicki Minaj’s signature on it… But nope, NADA! :(


  • Amrita

    I’m still a bit torn as to whether or not I like it. It most definitely isn’t a daytime lipstick and it’s not something that will suit everyone either or go with every outfit.
    Don’t you wish they had done something more exciting with the packaging?


    • Kaushal

      Agreed about the skin tone thing! That’s very true! And damn! I totally forget to mention the packaging bit! Let me P.S that real quick!! LOL xx

  • Sriya

    Loved it at first but now I just like it cause it’s so similar to Saint Germain! BUT, I don’t regret buying it.. I like having it in my collection haha! I have to tone it down a bit though cause it comes out a bit too bright sometimes.. Especially in pictures LOL! The colour really suits you.. :D Also can’t wait to see what you got from french connection!

    – Sriya x

    • Kaushal

      I think if I were to wear it in the day I’d use a pink lip gloss to tone it down :) oh gosh! I absolutely love FCUK! I might do it now :) x