Love-Hate Relationship: MAC 187

Hey dolls! I hope you’re all enjoying your weekend. I wasn’t gonna do a post, but I thought I’d get something off my chest (or should I say FACE – It’ll make sense later, I promise!). I’ve been a little frustrated with my MAC 187 brush recently. I mean… Don’t get me wrong I do LOVE it.

It’s great at blending & buffing foundation into my skin. I never fails me (along with my foundation, of course) to give me a great EVEN finish! But recently… I’ve been HATING it :oops:

I really do have a LOVE-HATE relationship with this brush. I’m a true MAC fanatic at heart but my 187 isn’t living up to my expectations. Recently, I’ve had to get HAIRS off my face after applying my foundation.

I mean, this picture above was taken after pretending to apply foundation on my hand for no longer than 2 minutes. I collected all the little hairs that came off the brush to show you… BIZARRE right? I hate having to check my face before I leave the house (or most likely, my room) for these stupid, annoying, little hairs! :x It bugs be so much, ESPECIALLY when I’m in a rush!

I clean my brushes regularly & with the correct products, so SURELY it shouldn’t be because of that.

I was wondering if THIS happens to anyone else? Or am I the only one on this boat? :???:

Do you have a LOVE-HATE relationship with any of your brushes?


  • rakhshanda

    Great review!! Very bad when the hairs come out of the brush.
    Nice blog..try checking out mine.

    • Kaushal

      I know, it’s such a pain when they come out. It happens all the time! But thank you :) I will do, doll x

  • marilou

    oH EM GEE ! I have the total hate relation ship with my 187 mac brush. It pisses me off because it works so weellll whether I want to apply foundation or cream blushes but I can’t stand the fact that It leaves hairs on my skin.
    I mean, I paid a certain amount of money it’s not for having hairs all over my face! So friggin annoying…..

    • Kaushal

      I’m so glad I’m not the only one! LOL Yeah one of the most annoying parts it the fact that we paid good money for this brush & now it’s malting on our faces :( Sad times! x

  • Sheefa

    aah i hate it when that happens! I threw away a MAC brush coz it kept shedding so bad. it was the 190 i guess :S Have you tried aurifere brushes? they never shed and are of better quality then MAC :D

    • Kaushal

      I’m too attached to it to be able to throw it away :( LOL I’ll have to research that brand :) Thank you Sheefa! xx

  • Amina @ Innerbelle

    hmm have you tried using a conditioner for ur brush hairs coz they look like they are snapping off rather than coming lose, maybe they need some tlc lol

    • Kaushal

      I actually use olive oil to condition them when I clean them. Sucks :(

  • Jainee

    Hey Kaushal, I came across your blog on the Avon Facebook page a while ago! I’m addicted now!

    I have the 187 and I absolutely love it. What you must do is, clean them using shampoo and conditioner (as you would your hair) and this will stop the shedding!

    • Kaushal

      Aww thank you Jainee :) I do that… Well recently I use antibacterial soap + a bit olive oil (for conditioning purposes) to clean my brushes! It’s hard times for graduates ATM hehe! So I’m resorting to a efficient yet cheap way of cleaning them LOL but it still seems to malt :( xx

  • Jainee

    Does the olive oil and antibacterial soap help to stop the malting? The makeup artist at Mac told me to use the Mac brush cleanser (which is very good! Definitely a worthwhile purchase!) and also use shampoo and conditioner every so often! I do that, and (touch wood) no malting!

    • Kaushal

      Yep, it works like a charm :) It’s an alternative for using brush cleaners. I have the MAC brush cleanser but it can get really expensive… So I did some research and resorted to another method :) Yuh huh, touch wood, that it stops malting! LOL xx

  • kuki

    i’ve got one for you – and i came across it by accident! i ran out of mac brush cleaner which i use all the time. i grabbed the first thing i could find in my shampoo rack and it happened to be FURMINATOR DESHEDDING DOG/CAT SHAMPOO! LOL it worked a treat!!! my brushes were so clean! and they didn’t malt one bit! i figured it would be okay to use the cat shampoo as alot of the mac brushes are made of animal hair(187 is made of goat hair) and if its sensitive enough to use on pets, i’m sure its okay for brushes. i bought the shampoo from ebay, was about £4 (RRP is alot more!) and you get around 500ml. for brushes it would last a lifetime! for my 3 cats and 2 dogs, doesn’t last long at all!LOL I’m thinking to get a new bottle just for my brushes!

    • Kaushal

      LOL that’s such a good idea!! I’m definitely gonna have to try that out if this doesn’t get any better :) I’ll have a look on eBay :) – God, I love good ol’ eBay! x

  • Dulce

    I hate my Mac brush it does the same thing so annoying

    • Kaushal

      I sooooo regret gettinng it! I’m going to get all the Sigma brushes instead :)