Luxe Lace • SuperSHOCK Eyes

By | November 9, 2010

I’m back again dolls! This time with the Luxe Lace SuperSHOCK mascara & gel eye liner! Both of these are must haves but if I were to suggest only ONE thing from this collection it will have to be the gel eye liner… You’ll see why in a bit!

SuperSHOCK Mascara £8
SuperSHOCK Gel Eye Liner £6

I know I’ve reviewed Avon’s SuperSHOCK mascara on my blog before! But the more I used it the more I fall in LOVE with it!

I’m loving the rubber (?) wand head now too! But… I thought what the HECK… Why not share some more pictures with you lovely people :)

It doesn’t do much volumizing for me BUT definitely makes my lashes look way longer!! This was without curling them :)

LOOKY!! Look just how long they look :D Sorry, I’ll try & calm down now… Well, it’s hard to when next up is the BEST gel liner!!

It might just look like an ordinary gel eye liner to you but watch & see dolls! You’ll be amazed at just how pigmented it is… Not to forget its STAYING POWER :)

Love the pigmented black colour! It comes in SILVER too… perfect for the party season! I wish they did a GOLD because I’d totally get my hands on that! Right.. Less talking & MORE pictures :) (They’ll explain everything for you!)

NOPE! You’re eyes aren’t playing tricks on you!! This is the real deal :D I pretty much still have the swatch on my hand even AFTER doing the dishes!! About a week or so ago, I introduced this to my friends & they’ve got it on their Christmas List (if they haven’t bought it already) LOL :)

What’s on your Christmas lists dolls? Anything nice? :)

P.S – Before I forget, both these items are on offer HERE & HERE! £3 for this gel eye liner is such a BARGAIN!

These products were sent to me.

  • Kim

    Wow! I definitely want to try that mascara! The liner looks great too. *Toddles off to Avon website* xxx

    • Kaushal

      It really is a good mascara :) Definitely gives them that extra oomph! :) Oo, I hope you get yourself some goodies xx

  • Sriya

    Oh wow! I want the eyeliner!! x

    • Kaushal

      It’s seriously so good! All my friends were amazed by it :) xx

  • Fee

    Heard so many good things about Avon in the last few months! I think they have finally upped there game.

    Really tempted now by both the mascara and eyeliner! Can’t believe the staying power of the liner! A-mazing.

    • Kaushal

      My FAV is the eye liner then it’s either the mascara/lippy (in pout of course) :) xx

  • Tali

    Love the color of your eyes!
    I have the gel liner and i do adore it! The pixiwoo girls were teaching a course i was in and they kept showing us how it lasted all day. AMAZING! Cant believe the consistency of it!

    • Kaushal

      Totally agree with you! Now that I’ve got it I don’t really think about using any other black eye liners LOL the fact that it lasts sooo long does it for me :) x

  • farahsha

    i heard so many prases for this liner but didnt get a chance to try this question is how do u remove this from eyes? :D