Out with the old… In with the CLINIQUE!

By | November 4, 2010

Hey dolls! There’s a great offer going on at Boots which you may wanna get your MASCARAHOLIC hands on!

Source: Google Images

Otherwise known has CLINIQUE’S MASCARA SWAP :) It’s really simple… All you need to do is take in your current mascara (which can be ANY brand) to a participating Boots store for a free sample version of either Clinique’s…

  • High Impact Mascara » for Dramatic, oversized lashes
  • High Lengths Mascara » for lengthier lashes!

Unfortunately, it’s only ONE per customer & not the FULL size… But well worth a swap! Personally, I’ve tried the ‘High Impact Mascara’ & loved how it transformed my lashes! I’m gonna try & get my hands on the High Lengths to try! Will you be getting your mascara UP GRADE?

P.S – This offer is for a LIMITED time only & until stocks last! It also ends on 16th November! So hurry dolls :)

  • Sriya

    OMG I’ve never heard of a mascara swap thingy.. That’s pretty cool! I’m defo gonna get it!
    HEELLLLO by the way!!
    I just finished stalking your blog and catching up on all the posts I missed! LOL xx

    • Kaushal

      I know right! I’m on it too (if I can get to a Clinique before the 16th! LOL)
      & HIIII!! You’re back!! Hope you had an amazing time!! Can’t wait to hear all about it :) :) x