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Call me an addict… But I love FCUK!

If you read one of my previous posts I mentioned that I went to a sample sale over the weekend… A French Connection UK sample sale, to be precise. This has to be my FAVOURITE brand for dresses. They never fail to disappoint me… even more so when they have their generous sales going on!

Last weekend, from Friday-Sunday, they had a SAMPLE SALE. This is basically where there are racks & racks of clothes for you to look through & everything is really cheap! You might not find what you’re looking for from their website but you’re sure to find something from them! I just HAD to go because I wanted to experience these sales (which are popping up a lot in the UK) & also to see if I could find something nice to go into my wardrobe… Here’s what I came back with…

To be honest, I thought the sale would be full of old, horrible things that FCUK wanted to get rid of. But EVERYTHING was pretty much in season! I picked up this sleeveless ‘Dani’ dress! I wanted this in mustard which is on their website but this was only £25 so I couldn’t resist it!

I love the criss-cross work on the dress & not to forget the chunky zip at the back! This isn’t my right size but I’m gonna do some home altering to make it fit properly :) I’ve got the perfect shoes & blazer to complete this outfit :)

I also got another ‘Dani’ dress but this one has long sleeves. The material is quite thick compared to the previous dress – PERFECT for our cold winters :)

This dress has got long panels throughout the whole thing & again another chunky zip at the back! I’ve also got some other gorgeous shoes that are navy blue too that’ll go really well :)

I was REALLY impressed with the sample sale. Everything there was reasonably priced, new with tags & new stock arrived daily. It was only £1 to get in, which might I add went to CHARITY too :) I picked up anything & everything I liked at first into a big clear bag which was given to everyone. But at the end my friend & I chose the things we liked to most to buy. It wasn’t too busy (I did go on the Sunday, maybe that’s why?) but it was a shame you couldn’t try anything on! But… If I lived in London I think I might have gone EVERYDAY in case I missed any bargains! :oops:

Also, a few weeks ago I went to Bicester Shopping Village to get my friend a present but stopped in their FCUK outlet shop & picked up 2 things, I couldn’t RESIST :oops: As they’re FCUK too, I thought I’d pop them into the post!

I wore this dress the other week! The material is really soft. I love the quality of FCUK clothes AND it’s super comfy!

They had this dress in grey & black but I loved the UNUSUAL blue(ish)-turquoise(ish) colour of this one! Again, it’s fairly thick material so good for the colder months :)

Recently, I’ve had a thing about PLAYSUITS & now jumpsuits too! Well this ones in between but as soon as I saw this I grabbed it hoping it would fit me! Luckily it fit like a glove!

Sorry about the creases – I’ve worn this already too! FCUK seem to have a thing with chunky zips at the back because this has one too! I LOVE the material of this! It’s thick & silky! Goes really well a grey blazer of mine :)

The outlet shop isn’t as cheap as the sample sale but it still works for me :) Have you been to a sample sale before? Or Bicester Shopping Village? What are your thoughts?

… Until next time dolls!

P.S – I’ve gotta admit… I did feel a bit like MONICA from friends when she went to that sample sale for her wedding dress! LOL

It Starts With Me.

Oh. My. GOD! I haven’t had a good day today. Firstly, it snowed (yes, I’m a snow hater & PROUD), I had to rush around this morning to run some errands, my car skid near my house & went OVER a curb… Not only snapping my hub cap but also DENTING my wheel! I thought I was gonna get a flat tyre & then had to drive to not 1 but 2 different car garages to have it fixed! It’s still not fully fixed but I know my bank account is gonna have a big FAT hole in it tomorrow! Bad, BAD times I tell ya!

I had some ‘me’ time after getting home… & what better to do than to PAINT you nails, right?

‘It Starts With Me’
RRP: £7.95
Available from January 2010 on BOOTS.COM

Meet ‘It Starts With Me’ from Nicole by OPI’s new ‘LIQUID METALS‘ collection. I love this brand not only because it’s OPI’s sister but it’s of good quality! They’ve made one GREAT change to the product (there is a God!)…

… The brush!! EVERY nail polish brush should be like this! If any nail polish maker/designer is reading this then please make this a MUST HAVE! Rimmel London have a similar brush too. It makes application super fast & easy! My mum loves Nicole by OPI. I painted her nails with these baby’s once & they didn’t chip for days! This is a gorgeous champagne colour…

As you can see it’s quite gold with lovely peach undertones. It’s got a really nice shine to it but it can look a little matte it certain lighting. Without the flash it looks very GOLD. But…

…With the flash you can see the all the PEACHY undertones. Gorgeous right? I wanna get my hands on the whole collection :)

I’m loving the look of ‘Rich in Spirit’ – looks like a metallic grey! Has anyone else had a RUBBISH day in the snow? Also, am I the only one that finds painting my nails really calming & therapeutic? :oops:

P.S – who’s gonna get their hands on these liquid metals?

This product was sent to me.

Pink 4 Friday Madness!

Hi my lovelies! Hope you all had a lovely weekend? I took a random trip to London & also went to the FCUK sample sale… I’ll show you the goodies I got from it & let you know how it was in another post. But for now I thought I’d tell you all that I managed to get a hold of the ‘PINK 4 FRIDAY‘ lip stick! It’s the lip stick that Nicki Minaj has created in collaboration with MAC, which launched last friday in line with her new album (also in my last ‘Wordless Wednesday’ post!)

RRP: £12.50

I eagerly waited till 12am to order it as I knew it would be a little mad & hectic to try & get it any later ;) I was a little bummed that mine only arrived today (with a REALLY horrible DHL delivery man!) as I was excited from Friday night when I got an e-mail saying that it had been dispatched… I’m such an eager beaver like that :oops: As you can tell it’s a very BARBIE doll, bright, in-your-face kind of pink! Pretty much like Miss Minaj herself, I’d say!

As soon as I got it I tried it on of course :) but also had tested it against MAC’s ‘VIVA GLAM GAGA‘. I was hoping it’d be different… Although I don’t think I could ever have too many pink lip sticks :) But on the other hand I would be annoyed for it to end up being like another MAC lippy but with a different name.

LUCKILY, they’re different! ‘Viva Glam Gaga’ has a peachy undertone & is less pigmented. Whereas ‘Pink 4 Friday’ is super pigmented & is very bright! So, here’s the lippy on my lips…

This was literally with one coat of the colour & I also used a little more with a lip brush to neaten it up. As you can tell it’s very in-your-face in the flash. I wouldn’t wear this during the day as it’s OTT, but definitely during a night out somewhere :) I really like that the lip stick is MATTE & not frosted or very shiny, I think it makes it look very different!

After reading, hearing & seeing some posts on this, I have to admit… I was a little scared to try it on but I gotta say that I do LOVE this colour! Because you don’t need to use much of it, it’ll last ages too :)

Was it worthwhile? From what I’ve heard it’s similar to MAC’s SAINT GERMAIN so if you’re not drawn into this hype I suppose you can opt for that instead… However, if you’re like me & many, MANY others… You only have THREE more Fridays left to get your hands on this!!

What are your thoughts? Is anyone tempted? :)

P.S – Oh, by the way, one thing that REALLY dissapointed me about this was the packaging!! I was hoping it to be BRIGHT PINK or have Nicki Minaj’s signature on it… But nope, NADA! :(

FOTD: Smokey Christmas Face

Hey dolls! How are you all doing? Is it snowing where you are? LUCKILY it hasn’t hit me yet… I’m not the biggest fan of snow, I can’t stand it! LOL… As Christmas is less than a month away I thought I’d do a somewhat CHRISTMAS-Y FOTD… But you can also wear this whenever (probably not during the day as the eyes are quite heavy!) So let’s get down to business…

Foundation » NARS Sheer Glow & MAC Face & Body
Concealer » Studio Finish by MAC
Powder » Sephora Press Powder
Blush » Buff by MAC

Primer » Urban Decay Primer Potion
Eye shadow » Grey from Midnight Hour Trio by myface.cosmetics on the lid, Cyrstalline Green Blingtone by myface.cosmetics in the inner corner, Red Glitter eye shadow by True Colour on outer corner & Black from Midnight Hour Trio by myface.cosmetics on the crease.
Mascara » The Falsies by Maybelline
Upper & Lower Water Line » Black SuperSHOCK Gel eyeliner by Avon
Upper Lash line » Blacktrack Fluidline by MAC & Exaggerate Liquid Liner by Rimmel London

Lip stick » Rose Petal by Natural Collection
Lip Gloss » Viva Glam Gaga Lipglass by MAC

I ALWAYS pair a dark eye with a neutral or light lip & a bright or dark lip with neutral eyes! It’s always best to do it that way because otherwise your face will look like there’s TOO much going on :)

The red glitter didn’t show up very well in the pictures but it had a really nice SPARKLE to the eye in real life :)

Is everyone ready for Christmas? What have you got on your lists to Santa? :)

Happy Thanksgiving!

I’m back again dolls! I’d just like to quickly wish all my readers who are celebrating today & this weekend a very…

Let’s all be grateful for all the SMALLER things in life :) These are most definitely either neglected or not thought about now-a-days. Also let’s not forget being grateful for all the wonderful people that our in our lives. Let’s all LOVE to the fullest & make this world a better place :) I hope you all have a fabulous time & eat lots!

EOS Smooth Sphere Lip Balm.

Hi my lovelies… I’ve read a lot of hype about this lip balm on some blogs. They’re not widely available in the UK… So, as my gorgeous mum was off to America I asked her to get me any that were in stock. She picked up the LAST 4 in the drug store she went into!

Before I go into these let me just give you some background info… EOS stands for ‘Evolution of Smooth’. These little spheres are 95% organic & 100% natural. They are also:

  • Gluten-Free
  • Paraben-Free
  • Petrolatum-Free
  • Phthalate-Free
  • And also contain vitamin E, shea butter & jojoba oil.

Basically, EOS claim they are VERY organic & moisturising! They come in 5 flavours…

  • Summer Fruits
  • Lemon Drop
  • Honeysuckle Honeydew
  • Medicated Tangerine
  • Sweet Mint

In terms of packaging I think these are ADORABLE! I always know where they are in my bag because it’s such an unusual shape… I dunno about you but I don’t really carry balls around in my bag! They’ve got a soft, smooth, matte finish to their sphere. I’m a SUCKER for packaging. To get into the sphere, all you gotta do is TWIST & pucker up :)

My mum got me 2 flavours… Luckily I wanted the red one & she managed to get me 3 of them! This one’s SUMMER FRUIT. It reminds me of the peach Lypsyl’s you can get but a little more fruity. It’s a great smell!

Ever since my Bloom lip balm experience, I’ve become very SCEPTICAL about buying different lip balms. I tend to stick to what I know & like. But, because I’ve heard so many POSITIVE things about this, I had to give it a go.

The balm goes on very smoothly – I wouldn’t say it’s out of the ordinary… But the way you apply it really is, it’s the thing I look forward to the most :) The balm itself is fairly thick but doesn’t feel too heavy on my lips. Overall it moisturises my lips VERY well!

The other flavour my mum managed to get her hands on was the HONEYSUCKLE HONEYDEW – more of a melon kind of flavour, I’m not too keen on this one but will still probably use it up! LOL

I’ve been using this for about a week now & all in all, I think it’s very good as well as hygienic! It moisturises my lips & leaves them soft. Also, I don’t have to put it on very often so it has good STAYING power :)

Personally, although I do love them, I think there are a few down sides to this… There is NO SPF in this! (Apart from the Lemon flavour.) But, surely it should be in ALL of them?! Or is that just me? Also my summer fruits has gone down a quite lot but I haven’t used it THAT much… Does that mean it’s not gonna LAST me very long? Also… I wonder if the lip balm carries on under the sphere (if that makes sense?) I guess only time will tell…

Unfortunately, you can’t get these babies in UK chemists/drug stores but you can HERE. They retail at £4.75 which I think is a little STEEP. But the next time anyone I know heads off to the states… These will be on the list as they’re about $3/4 there :) Until next time my beauties!

P.S – I’ve found every time I stop using any lip balms my lips go into some sort of WITHDRAWAL SYMPTOM & get really dry… Is anyone in the same boat as me? :oops:

Sam Fine: The Beauty of Makeup

“Make up’s a personality. So, everybody’s personality’s going to be different” – Sam Fine

A CELEBRITY make up artist, who has worked with the likes of Halle Berry, Vanessa Williams & supermodels Tyra Banks, Iman & Naomi Campbell, is coming to England next week & we all get a chance to attend his seminars!

Source: Press Release

So, who is SAM FINE? He started off working at a make up counter in his home town of Chicago. But has now become a leading celebrity make up artist. His work has grazed the covers of Cosmopolitan, Harper’s Bazaar, Essence, Vibe & Marie Claire. He was also chosen as the FIRST African-American spokesperson for Revlon & Covergirl Cosmetics.

Source: Press Release

Not only is he a leading make up artist in the beauty industry but he’s also written a book “Fine Beauty: Beauty Basics and Beyond for African-American women” & released an instructional DVD “Sam Fine: The basics of Beauty”.

Source: Press Release

For all you make-up artists, beauty lovers & coloured ladies out there, this is NOT an event to be missed!

Source: Press Release

The first event is on the 3rd of December. This is a master class aimed at  aimed at make up professionals & trainees. This will be an INTIMATE affair with 24 attendees & Sam fine himself – So get your hands on these ASAP!

Source: Press Release

The second event is open to ALL Same Fine fans, make up lovers & those who want to learn how to apply flawless looking make up on themselves! This will be a larger seminar so make sure you book your tickets as soon as before they get sold out!

For tickets head on over to WWW.TICKETWEB.CO.UK & more information please contact WANDE

I’m really excited to go as I’ve never been to anything like this. I haven’t been trained in make up or anything… I’ve literally just learnt techniques (if that’s what you’d call it) by myself :) So it will be interesting to gain tips, tricks & all sorts from someone like Sam Fine himself!

P.S – If you’re unable to make it but have any QUESTIONS in mind please let me know & I will try my best to have them answered by him :)

Lip Tar: Anime

Hey dolls, hope you’re all handy dandy this cold winter! I’m sorry for the delay in the ‘Anime’ lip tar review but here we go my beauties…

Lip Tars are from the brand ‘Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics’. It’s an American based brand so isn’t widely available in the UK – But where there’s a will or should I say a beauty fanatic… There’s ALWAYS a way! You may be think that 8ml is not much… But a little goes a long way!

The consistency is pretty much perfect. Not runny & not thick & gloopy – it spreads on your lips very well & hassle free. One thing I LOVE about these lip tars is that they are SUPER opaque. So literally, you need the tiniest amount on your lip brush. I wouldn’t advise putting this on straight from the squeezey tube… A lip brush is a MUST! Using a brush also means that you can get a clean cut look :)

So, with this picture, I’ve literally brushed the lip tar across my hand as much as I could. I think you can tell just how OPAQUE this product is!

I thought I’d do this to show you just how amazing this is… The first couple of strokes have a lot of product on them. Like I said, a little goes a LONG way :)

The smell is kind of MINTY? I quite like it :) It’s not like the MAC lip glosses or anything because it’s not sticky but got a lovely gloss to it – AMAZING right? I like to put 2 layers of Anime on just for that extra POP but one layer still looks very nice :) I prefer the look of this with the FLASH - what do you think? This is what it looks like without the flash…

You can still tell it’s a HOT pink without the flash. This has definitely become my favourite hot pink lippy :) The staying power of this product is very good. When I wore this out, I didn’t need to really top it up at all :)

I think the only thing I don’t like about this is the fact that it can STAIN your lips & pretty much anything else it comes into contact with… So you really don’t wanna get this on your clothes! This also means you gotta be careful when you’re putting it onto your lips… A steady hand always helps too :)

I got mine from GENIE COSMETICS for £8.99! But they’re on offer at the moment for £8.49 – great for stocking fillers :) I know they also sell them at ‘Filthy Gorgeous’ in Debenhams on Oxford Street in London, but they retail at £13. However, if you’re not in a hurry I would recommend Genie Cosmetics. They’re really good & fast with their delivery :) I literally got mine the day after I ordered it- FAB!

What are you thoughts on lip tars & this colour of course? Will these be on your Christmas lists to Santa?

Drum roll please…

Hi dolls! I thought I’d spend a few sentences of your time just THANKING you all once again for reading my little blog! I guess you can say that I’ve been blogging properly (& consistently) for a few months now & I can’t get enough of it. I LOVE reading all of your comments & try to get back to each & every one of you – you’re all amazing.

I’d like to say a BIG thank you to someone who is very close to my heart for helping me out throughout this whole journey (& who’s behind the amazing new layout!) as well as all the love I get – you’re simply THE best! Also, a big shout out to my beautiful friends & family too! I love you all loads! But thanks so much to ALL of you for the love & support you have all given me throughout this time.

I have lots of suggestions of posts, reviews & my general ramblings coming up very soon… But, I guess I should cut to the chase & reveal my first blog give away winner. So my lovelies, DRUM ROLL please…

Congratulations my lovely :) Drop me an e-mail with your preferred MAC lip stick & eye shadow & I will get them out to you as soon as possible :)

P.S – There were some entries which didn’t follow the guidelines therefore I couldn’t take your entry any further! But thank you to everyone who did enter – I will try my best to keep my posts focused on things you all like to see/read :)