It’s not a purse, it’s called a satchel.

I’ve wanted a SATCHEL for a while now, I think they look so cute & are big enough to fit a lot of things in them too :) I love the Mulberry ALEXA but I don’t have that kinda money to be dropping for a bag at the mo! I popped into town real quick yesterday & had to have a little NOSE around in the sales… I went into River Island (one of my favourite shops) & happened to find a BEAUTIFUL beige/brown satchel! It wasn’t in the sale but… There was ONE left & I took it as a sign for me to get it ;)

RRP: £36.99

It looks VERY similar to the Alexa, but for the FRACTION of the price! I tend to change bags quite a lot but I have a feeling this one is gonna stay on my arm for a while :) I can fit pretty much all my things into it with a lot of space left over. Unfortunately it DOESN’T fit an A4 folder so probably not the best bag for school or uni (that is if you take a folder to any of those LOL). I haven’t got all my bits & bobs in here (& nothing is sorted out yet), but there’s still LOADS of room to fit things inside…

River Island also do this same satchel in black. You can check it out HERE. I seem to wear A LOT of gold so I thought I’d go with this colour as it looks good with my gorgeous watch ;)

What do you think of satchels? Do you have one or have you seen any you’ve got your eyes on? Let me know, I’d LOVE to hear from you :)

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  • TBAG

    Oooh gorgoeus bag. A complete rival to the Alexa. I actually just bought the new Alexa Clutch and although I love love LOVE it, it was darn expensive!!! Great blog will defo be back xx

    • Kaushal

      The alexa is VERY nice! I just can’t afford it so stuck with good ol’ River Island :) Thank you! Do come again :) xx

  • PinkSweetSz

    Such a cute SATCHEL Lol, I wanted to get this when it came out! But its so rinsed out!! So many people have it So dont want it anymore lol :P But still its cute x

    • Kaushal

      LOL, that movie is like one of my favourites – can’t wait for the second one! x