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Grey Matter Diamond Manicure.

Hi my lovelies! Just thought I’d quickly show you a DIAMOND manicure I did a few weeks back! I really liked this & loved that my fingertips were SPARKLING

I actually saw something similar on “The only way is Essex” & thought OMG! I totally did the same thing :) Any who… I used ‘Grey Matter’ by Rimmel. It seems to have a slight hint of blue in some light?! It’s strange, but a lovely grey-ish colour!

RRP: £3.49

I only applied one coat of this! It’s quite thick in consistency & can be STREAKY which is a shame for the 60 second drying promise! As you’d have to apply 2 coats! I was just being lazy & couldn’t be bothered but usually I always apply 2 ;) The best part of this nail polish, for me, has to be the BRUSH! It’s wide & flat… & applying the colour neatly is EFFORTLESS… Makes me wish all brushes were like this :( It dries pretty fast too. I applied top coats & gems… So, for it to dry & set completely took a fair few minutes. However, I think this range of nail varnishes would be great for on the go!

I’d love to know what YOU’VE currently got on your nails. Any pretty colours? Patterns? Or even designs? :)

This product was sent to me.

Majestic lips.

Hi my lovely gems! How are you all? I think I’m coming down with a cold… A big fat BOO to that! Anyways, I was in Superdrug the other day & thought I’d get myself acquainted with the new DARK lip colour trend! Especially after seeing Rebecca Ferguson rocking the PLUM lips on The X Factor the other week! I think you can probably tell by now that I’m addicted to the show! LOL

RRP: £3.69 Sleek True Colour Lipstick

I really didn’t want to spend an ARM or LEG for this trend because as we all know… It’s not gonna be around forever! But then again, I still wanted it to look NICE on my lips, at the same time! This was my first Sleek lippy buy, & I’m very impressed… Especially because it’s cheap & cheerful at the same time! ;)

I love the MATTE packaging of the lip stick! Makes it look really professional. Also the product is quite small so will fit into any of my little clutch bags for a night out :)

I thought it would be really pigmented and look really HARSH on my lips (I know it’s supposed to be very dark, but I was a little scared to put it on! LOL) But, you can build up the colour to make it darker, which is ideal for me!

I used this with quite a fuchsia-ish lip liner as an all over base for my lips (which may have made the lippy a little lighter in colour)… But I don’t think I’ll rush out and get a dark lip liner because I liked the outcome of it :) I’m not used to wearing dark colours on my lips so it was a little weird getting used to but I REALLY like the colour!! :D

ALWAYS put a lip balm on before I apply lip sticks – it helps the lippy GLIDEon with minimal effort :) This lipstick has VITAMIN E in it which actually felt really nice on! I don’t think I needed the extra balm on (it’s made it look extra glossy/shiny which I love!) I really liked the product as a whole & will be keeping an eye out for Sleek lipsticks in the future :)

What do you think of the colour? Will you be ROCKIN’ dark lips this season? Or is it not your thing? I may wear this out over the weekend (let’s hope I’m BRAVE enough! Hehe :))

P.S – I’ll be doing the lip stick tooth TRICK too when I wear this… I don’t want it on my teeth ;)

Boots of the day.

Well… more like boots of the SEASON! How are all you beautiful people? I hope you’re all well! The cold weather is kicking in & I’m sure all the flues, bugs & viruses will be making their way to us :( That’s one of the reasons I dislike winter… & it generally seems to be full of snotty & grumpy people! I’m usually happy all the time but winter gets me :( I’d LOVE for it to be summer everyday. God, I hope you’re listening! LOL

Well, one thing about winter is the fact that you can wear PRETTY boots! I’m more of a flip flops, sandals & stiletto girl but this year I’ve been loving the boots! I’ve seen SO many nice pairs out & about, but seeing as I’m an ex-student I thought I’d go for a cheap & cheerful version & I gotta say… I’m in love with my lace up boots & CAN’T WAIT to wear them out somewhere :)

RRP: £25 from PEACOCKS

I LOVE that they have a ZIP… It means no faffing about with having to lace up the boots every time you wanna get them on & all that untying  business when getting them off! :)

When I first saw them, I thought they’d be a pain to wear (I have really sensitive feet – if that even makes any sense?!) but surprisingly they’re really COMFY :)

I think the lace up detail is really CUTE! They also match my satchel bag, so they’ll pretty much go with any outfit that I wear :) These are DEFINITELY gonna be worn out by the end of winter!

I was so chuffed to find some nice boots for only £25! Peacocks always have some nice few bits in there & ALWAYS a bargain! :) Have you got your winter boots for this year? I wanna know what they’re like :D

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Perception of “Beauty”

Hey dolls! This post is going to be a slightly DIFFERENT to my usual ones. It sparked up from a conversation last week or so & it’s got me THINKING

PHOTO SHOPPING” … Here’s a little video that I’m sure you’ve seen but will jog your memory…

Every time I watch this it makes me think how many UNREALISTIC forms of media we see on a daily basis. From tv to magazine & even on the internet. People with eating disorders, those who aren’t very happy with themselves or even those with low self esteem that are EXPOSED to these photshopped images on a regular basis… & it turn can be very DANGEROUS! I’m sure you’ve heard things like this before! But things like this really get to me. Here are just a few, quick statistics about eating disorders…

  • 1.1 MILLION people in the UK alone are effected by eating disorders.
  • People aged 14 to 25 are at the highest risk of an eating disorder.
  • 61% of women feel INADEQUATE compared to the images of ‘beauty’ portrayed in the media.
  • A lot of MEN also suffer from eating disorders.
  • Source: &

It’s not only eating disorders that occur because of this, but plastic surgery & skin lightening is also a rising concern. All these images & other media give us a false perception of TRUE beauty. I’d rather see a person on a magazine who is NORMAL … Not photoshopped in HALF & those that haven’t had photoshop PLASTIC SURGERY done to various parts of their body. That way we get to celebrate NATURAL beauty. This, I feel, will help everyone be comfortable with their own looks no matter who they are or what they look like. I think EVERYONE should be happy with the way they look… We are all unique individuals & shouldn’t want to look exactly like X, Y & Z who are photoshopped to the max in the media! Having your own IDENTITY is essential because you don’t want to get lost in all this media hype!

Source: News Week

I had a conversation last week which really helped put things in PERSPECTIVE. I’m not sure whether you know or not but the magazine publishing industries may be told to put a photoshop DISCLAIMER onto fashion magazines! Australia’s one of several countries to propose this law! I think this is such a good idea! It will help everyone realise what REAL beauty is. No one is perfect & this is the best way to help young girls overcome many disorders & increase their self esteem at the same time :)

Even MAKE-UP can be photoshopped onto a models face these days!! I reckon this disclaimer will help all MUAs (make-up artists) show their TALENT & EXPRESS their creativeness! Life would be more interesting that way too! Don’t you think? :)

Source: Google Images

Remember… IMPERFECTION is PERFECTION dolls! ♥ & YOU are beautiful :)

I want to KNOW… What do YOU think about fashion magazines having to put a photoshop disclaimer onto the pictures in fashion magazines?!

Kardashian Kurls ;)

Hey dolls! How are we all? I don’t like how it’s getting dark really early! It just means that winter’s VERY close! Oh, & not to mention how hard it can be taking pictures for blogging. Also… the poor, POOR, lighting in my room doesn’t help either! So yesterday evening I thought I’d do a HAIR post! Now there are 3 girls whose hair is absolutely on point every time I see them… & they’re the KARDASHIAN sisters!

Source: Kim Kardashian’s Blog

I think they’re all GORGEOUS & love their taste in  fashion & make-up! So I thought I’d do a tutorial on how to get those famous Kardashian curls! Of course they must have hair stylists dolling them up everyday… BUT, I know an easy way to achieve this look! There are LOTS of pictures to come… So I’ll try & keep the typing to a minimal :) Firstly, here’s what I like to use when getting my curl on ;)

Left – Right
Babylis Pro CURL 210 (Highest heat setting (21oC) – they get VERY hot so be careful!)
Foxy Curls by Bed Head
Maximum Hold Hair Spray by Tesco
Natural Bristle Cushion Brush by Trevor Sorbie
GHD IV Styler Straightners
Heat Defence Smooth by TRESemme
(That yellow thing is a random hair bobble – to help section my hair! LOL)

Start off with STRAIGHT hair. Mine’s naturally wavy so I always straighten it so I know where I’m going when curling! Make sure to use heat protector when straightening & curling! I section my hair as I go along. My hair is very THICK so I make 4 rough sections & I let them down once each section is done! Below is pretty much where I section my hair! (I know, it’s UBER long!)

When curling strands of your hair, you want to take fairly BIG strands… Something like this…

To get BIG VOLUPTUOUS curls don’t clamp the hair into the curlers, but simply WRAP the strands around the tongs. Like this… Wrap in DIFFERENT directions so your hair doesn’t curl together in same way. So basically, curl wrapping your hair ABOVE of the barrel and UNDER the barrel every so often! Always point the curlers DOWN & at an ANGLE.

You can HAIRSPRAY your hair once your finish every SECTION. I like to spray it once I’ve done 2 sections, for looser curls. In the final section you need to PART the top of your hair, where you want it to sit (I did mine a little off centre). It’s also best to curl the back section as a whole with the curlers pointing to either your left/right SIDE!

For the strands of hair near your FACE always curl AWAY from it. This will open up your face for the final look! :D


Leaving LARGER GAPS on the tongs when curling will give you LOOSE curls – making your hair look LONGER
Leaving SMALLER GAPS on the tongs when curling will give you TIGHTER curls – making your hair look SHORTER!

DON’T STOP THERE :!: To get that Kardashian curl look the TRICK is to BRUSH your hair with a natural bristle brush…

I know it sounds a little pointless, but it really gives it that extra touch for the PERFECT look! Pop a bit of FOXY CURLS or any other curling product for a little definition & HAIRSPRAY for that extra hold… & VOILÀ!

It sounds like it takes forever, but the curlers I use are pretty damn good… To get the whole look done it probably takes me about 20ISH mins?! Not bad ay?! If you do try this out, please let me know how it works for you :) I hope you enjoyed this long, but hopefully not that boring, hair tutorial :) Also, if you have any QUESTIONS just pop them into the comments box :)

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Jimmy ChUGGs?!

When I found out that Jimmy Choo & UGGS were collaborating, I was UBER excited… But, I somewhat think that I have NO WORDS for it. Here’s the collection, if you haven’t seen it already… Be prepared!

RRP: £395-£695

I’m not quite sure what I was expecting, but it definitely wasn’t ChUUGS like these! :???: I just can’t imagine wearing this what so ever! Okay, maybe Kaia in the charcoal colour, but STILL! Not only that but I can imagine me not liking them even on someone else… & I really don’t understand all the stars & studs on them?! The collection as a whole just looks WRONG to me!

They’re in store tomorrow but definitely not going on my Christmas list! What do you think of these? Love or loathe?

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Lipstick tooth disaster!

I hope all my readers from the UK have been watching X factor this weekend. Loving the drama on it, always makes good TV. But… I was horrified to see SO MANY lipstick teeth in the past two days, I just HAD to blog about it! Really, it’s just NOT acceptable (especially when you’re on national TV in front of about 15 MILLION people watching you!)

Source: Treyc, X Factor YouTube

Treyc, Rebecca & even Dianna Vickers had the horrific lipstick tooth going on! So I thought I’d share a quick tip or 2 on how to avoid this! It’s REALLY simple all you need to do is…

  • Put your index finger in your mouth and pull it out. It will grab all the excess lipstick from your inner lips onto your finger!
  • Or, literally rub your index finger on your teeth to get rid of any lipstick you may already have on them! Or you can always try & use your tongue! LOL

If you’ve got any other tips or tricks for the horrid LIPSTICK TEETH do leave a comment :)

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Eye spy with my Naked eye.

I was really stuck today on what kind of look to do. It was either a smokey eye or a Naked palette look… & the lovely HELEN from ‘Just Nice Things’ suggested a smokey Naked palette look! She’s a genius I tell you! Check out her’s & Sheenie’s blog HERE! So after running some errands & clearing out my laptop I came up with this :) I hope you like it!

Primer » Urban Decay primer potion.
Eye shadow » Sin, Naked, Toasted, Hustle & Creep all from the Urban Decay Naked Palette.
Top liner » Black exaggerate liquid eye liner by Rimmel London.
Upper & lower lash line » Whiskey by Urban Decay.
Mascara » Black SuperSHOCK by Avon.

As you may, or may not, know I am absolutely LOVING my Naked Palette!! The colours are so RICH & that’s exactly what you want in an eye shadow… Else you wouldn’t be able to tell that you’ve got anything on! If you have any SUGGESTIONS for any eye shadow looks, please let me know & I’ll keep them coming :)

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