Tea party.

Hey dolls! How are you all doing? I’ve been going crazy the past few days! I’ve been impulse buying like crazy – I REALLY should stop now… But we’ll see how that goes ;) Last Thursday I was invited to my first bloggers’ event by the lovely Beth from MINT VELVET.

It was held at a really CUTE café just off of Oxford Street – very intimate & welcoming. The atmosphere was super relaxing. I went with a couple of friends to preview their AW10 collection!

My friends & I came to the conclusion that their collection reminded us a little bit of FCUK… But Mint Velvet had a little more of a PROFESSIONAL kick to their collections with a hint of quirky-ness :) The collection is full of loads of dusty colours… like grey, greens, browns & even purples!

I was immediately drawn to their DRESSES! I like how you can get away with wearing them out as well as to work! With a blazer jacket & the right accessories. Definitely hit two birds with one stone there :)

The accessories were quite “ROCK CHICK-Y” – I quite liked them! Especially a black necklace that you can see in the middle picture on the table :) One thing I LOVED about this collection is their BOOTS!! They seriously are very nice – Unfortunately they didn’t have any in my size  (or my friends’) on display so we couldn’t try them on. I might have to get myself a pair for Autumn from their website… Depending on how generous I’m feeling :)

We got to taste some LOVELY things during the event. One of my friends & I tried their crushed rose & champagne drink which was LUSH! It was so nice & SWEET… & my other friend had a lemon drink which was nice too :) They had some amazing nibbles there too… The caramel profiteroles were to die for! We were all sent away with a little goodie bag with a silver necklace inside, a little booklet with more information on their AW10 collection as well as one item of clothing each! Knowing me I picked up a GORGEOUS silk dress (it’s actually pictured in the 3rd picture from the top… Bottom left hand corner – in case you were wondering ;))

You can view their collection on their website or a store near you…
(Which can be found on their website too!)

The day involved lots of browsing, shopping & eating :) I’ve just got to say that some of the Selfridge’s girls at the beauty counters were AMAZING! Don’t you love it when you get served really well? It put such a big smile on us girls :) … We ended the day with a lovely birthday meal (courtesy of my gorgeous friends) at a Lebanese restaurant off of Oxford street called “MAROUSH“… The food was fab! Here’s a little preview of the different dishes we had… My favourite was their FALAFEL :)

Did you guys do anything over the weekend? I went to Bull Ring & met up with one of my friends. Watch out for that post :)


  • http://www.malisha313.blogspot.com malisha

    The dresses look gorgeous! I’m gonna check out the website..

    I’ve always wanted to go to maroush but not had a chance to go :(
    the food looks soooo yummy! I think I might just pop down over the weekend.

    Malisha x

    • Kaushal

      Their stuff is very nice I wanna get a few pieces for when I start a job (& when I have some more money! LOL)

      It’s really nice there, the falafel was one of the best I’ve had! It’s a shame we didn’t have any mains else I could have recommended something to you :( But the staff are good with recommending dishes :) Deffo – make sure you go shopping on Oxford St too :) … I think there’s like 2 Maroushs in London? x

  • http://PinkSweetSz.blogspot.co.uk PinkSweetSz

    Wow, Their dresses are really Nice! And the food Looks delish!! Making me hungry now!! x

    • Kaushal

      Thanks! I know it was so yummy!! x