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Let’s celebrate!

Hey dolls! I’ve got some EXCITING news for you (2 to be precise!) Number 1… If you follow me on Twitter you’ll know that I start my PR internship with Avon tomorrow!! I will be interning in their press office in their amazing HQ which I am SO HAPPY & EXCITED about!! I will let you know how my weeks go. I’ll be there till about November-ish but will keep you up-to-date with as much as I can… That includes any inside Avon GOSSIP for beautiful people too ;)

Seeing as I’ll be very busy & am not sure how much I’ll be able to blog. Sad times, I know :( … So onto the next one… Number 2! I would like to THANK all my amazing readers for all the love & support you’ve given me in the past few months :) To thank you I’ve decided to do my first ever BLOG GIVE AWAY! (First of many, I assure you ;)) I will be giving away ONE MAC LIPSTICK (excluding the Viva Glam range) & ONE MAC EYE SHADOW of your choice!

Source: Google Images

So, here are the rules.

  1. You must be a FOLLOWER of my blog through Google Friend Connect! (It’s on the right hand side column above the Facebook page :arrow:)
  2. This is open to EVERYONE across the world!
  3. You must COMMENT THIS POST with what you like most about my blog!
  4. You must tell me your FAVOURITE beauty product & why!
  5. Only ONE ENTRY per follower. Leaving multiple entries will make no difference in winning!

ALSO! If you’ve got a beauty/fashion TIP – share it in the comment box :) (This is OPTIONAL & will not effect who wins!)


Easy peasy right? :D The give away will end when I have reached 100 followers! I know it’s a long shot but I’ll be very busy for the next few weeks so it gives us all something to look forward to ;) The winner will be chosen on as soon as I’ve reached 100 followers… Please spread the word & help me celebrate :D

What are you WAITING for?! You’re only a few clicks away ;)

P.S – You might even get some sweeties along with your prize ;)


Whilst I was in London with my friends earlier this month, we managed to spend (what felt like) the WHOLE time in Selfridge’s beauty department. I managed to grab myself some freakin’ AMAZING products! I thought I’d share my favourite with you dolls :) Recently, NARS Cosmetics launched their ‘Pure Matte Lipstick’ which is exclusive to Selfridges – but will be sold elsewhere from the 1st October! It come’s in 6 shades: Bangkok, Tashkent, Terre de Feu, Tonkin, Vesuvio & Volga. Here’s a short video of it…

I was quite hesitant at first to try these as I thought they’d just DRY my lips out, being matte and all. But the lady at the NARS counter reassured me! These lipsticks have WILD MANGO BUTTER in them which help moisturise your lips as well as leaving them soft ;)

RRP: £18

The packaging is matte & nice & small enough to fit into pretty much any clutch bag. I don’t really wear red on my lips… I’m more of a neutral or pink lips kind of girl. But, as you can tell I decided to be BRAVE & get myself a BOLD, RICH RED colour… VESUVIO to be exact ;)

It’s not SUPER MATTED – it has a little shine to it but I’m sure that’s the mango butter moisturising my lips :) I’ve gotta say, I’m LOVE with my new red lips! I was really scared to walk around in Selfridges with such bright lips but my lovely friends told me that it looked really good :) This lipstick doesn’t drag, make your lips feel dry & is also long lasting! It sure is expensive for £18 but I’ve already got Tonkin & Bangkok on my list! You can check the other colours out HERE.

P.S – I was wearing this with a NARS lip liner during my day in London & it lasted pretty well even after having a lovely meal! I am VERY impressed with this & can’t wait to get some more :) Have you tried this range of lipsticks?

In the NUDE.

I’ve wanted nude shoes ever since I saw an amazing pair of Jimmy Choos in Bicester Shopping Village. But… FRANKLY I didn’t want to fork out a few hundred pounds to be a proud owner (just yet)! I’ve been on a LOOK OUT for them ever since. I remember seeing a lovely pair in Dorothy Perkins – But they NEVER had my size. Sad times I know :( Also I remember hearing on E! that NUDE shoes give you the illusion that you’re taller than what you really are – all the more reasons for calling a pair my OWN!

But last month I was browsing Next’s website & found a GORGEOUS pair. I literally zoomed down to my nearest Next to snap me up a pair AND I’ve gotta say I LOVE them :)

RRP: £30
You can buy them HERE

I gotta admit they do hurt my feet A LITTLE but most of my shoes do after a fair few hours in them. The soles are cushioned but I got some insoles as they were slightly big for me. They’ve got the cutest LEOPARD print inside them too! For £30 you can’t really go wrong along with the quality you get from Next :)

P.S – Personally I think black, red & nude heels are a MUST… What do you think?

Not so peachy.

Hey dolls. Everyone settling into the horrible weather we’ve been having recently? I don’t like it, I miss the SUN & the WARMTH! I’ve noticed that I always forget to moisturise my lips :oops: so I went out & got myself a new lip balm that I said I would use religiously. I made sure that it SMELT like heaven. I guess you could say that I found it but MY GOSH! It’s the worst lip balm I’ve used in YEARS! It did make my lips soft & yada yada. But I thought I’d share this because personally I wouldn’t want you to waste your money on it – yes it really is that bad!

RRP: £8

I got it from a BLOOM stand in Superdrug. Sorry about the state of the pot – I REALLY did give it a try. I’m sure you’ve all walked past the brand. It’s nice, bright & pink every time I walk past. I hadn’t got anything from them so I thought I’d give their lip balms a go. It’s an AROMATHERAPY lip balm, with all your essential oils made from beeswax & nourishes your lips with vitamin E in their too. Not to mention that it’s made with natural peach flavour. Okay, it does smell LUSH! The peach one smells like real peaches! But this is what happens every time…

There’s basically not much space AT ALL for you to pick up any balm with your fingers. I have to use my NAILS every time to use it!! It’s such a pain to use!! Maybe it’s just me? Maybe… I didn’t think before I got it but I feel like kicking myself for getting this… I really can’t believe I wasted £8 on this junk!! I think I’ll just stick to CHAPSTIKS or VASELINE! Unless there is an amazing lip balm out there that I don’t know of :)

Anyone else had any problems like this? I want to know your favourite lip balms :)

Matte definitely Tickle’s My France-y!

Hey dolls. How are you? Hope all is hunky-dory! This is just a very QUICK post as I just painted my nails & thought I’d show & tell how they look… The mother bear & I both agreed that they turned out quite NICE!

OPI’s Tickle My France-y – £9.95
No. 7′s Matte Top Coat (Limited Edition) – £6.75

I’ve used ‘Tickle My France-y’ by OPI & the ‘Matte Top Coat’ by No.7 :) … Tickle My France-y’s consistency is very THIN & I had to put on 3 layers of the polish for good coverage on my nails – but other than that the colour is FAB! I love nude colours on my nails… It gives the illusion that your fingers are LONGER than what they really are ;)

I got the No.7 Matte Top Coat when the £5 No.7 vouchers were out in Boots a few weeks back. I find that after a few days the ‘matte-ness’ of the top coat wears out very SLIGHTLY from probably the oils in your skin… I came to this conclusion because the more I touched them the more shinier my nails became! But for about £2 (with the Boots voucher of course) I’m not really going to COMPLAIN seeing as I barely got any chips with it either ;)

What do you think of it? Also… what nails are you wearing today? I’d love to know :)

P.S – I’m GUTTED that the matte top coat is LIMITED EDITION so make sure you get your hands on this guys! I know it’s sold out on Boots’ website but with a bit of LUCK you might be able to find some in store!

Miracle Foundation?

Okay, it’s not actually called miracle foundation… I’m talking about Lancôme’s new Teint Miracle Foundation! I was at Bull ring over the weekend & remembered that they’re giving away FREE a 7 day sample of it… I was literally there in a jiffy to see what it’s all about :)

This foundation is sheer, with light coverage but enough to give you a flawless complexion WITH an SPF of 15 :) Score, right? According to the lovely lady who served me this foundation has MIRROR particles in the formula to make light bounce of your face to give you a RADIANT GLOW (which other foundations lack)! So I sat there eagerly to get matched up for my free sample to take home with me :)

Unfortunately this foundation ONLY comes in 7 shades so doesn’t cater for everyone out there :( I turned out to be a shade 3 (‘Beige Diaphane’). I didn’t get tested out on my whole face – I prefer to have a play around with it in my own time at home in normal lighting!

You may or may not know but I absolutely LOVE light coverage foundations & this was pretty much exactly how I like them! It feels really light on your skin but like Lancôme PROMISED – it gave me the coverage that I needed :) Without the flash you can’t really tell that it’s reflecting light but with flash you can tell that my skin is glowing ever so slightly. Especially in the sun… If I say so myself my skin actually looks quite nice :) I’m quite FAIR but I feel quite RADIANT if I say so myself :)

My favourite thing about this foundation is that it so LIGHT that it actually feels like I’m wearing no foundation at all :) FAB!

Would I buy this product? DEFFO! … But I have too many foundations at the moment so I might give it a rest for a while ;) It retails at £25 for 30ml – which is fairly expensive compared to drug store brands but personally I think this product is GREAT!

Has anyone else tried this foundation? What do you think of it? Let me know :)

P.S – Don’t forget to get yourself a FREE 7 DAY SAMPLE from Lancôme counters near you :)

Tea party.

Hey dolls! How are you all doing? I’ve been going crazy the past few days! I’ve been impulse buying like crazy – I REALLY should stop now… But we’ll see how that goes ;) Last Thursday I was invited to my first bloggers’ event by the lovely Beth from MINT VELVET.

It was held at a really CUTE café just off of Oxford Street – very intimate & welcoming. The atmosphere was super relaxing. I went with a couple of friends to preview their AW10 collection!

My friends & I came to the conclusion that their collection reminded us a little bit of FCUK… But Mint Velvet had a little more of a PROFESSIONAL kick to their collections with a hint of quirky-ness :) The collection is full of loads of dusty colours… like grey, greens, browns & even purples!

I was immediately drawn to their DRESSES! I like how you can get away with wearing them out as well as to work! With a blazer jacket & the right accessories. Definitely hit two birds with one stone there :)

The accessories were quite “ROCK CHICK-Y” – I quite liked them! Especially a black necklace that you can see in the middle picture on the table :) One thing I LOVED about this collection is their BOOTS!! They seriously are very nice – Unfortunately they didn’t have any in my size  (or my friends’) on display so we couldn’t try them on. I might have to get myself a pair for Autumn from their website… Depending on how generous I’m feeling :)

We got to taste some LOVELY things during the event. One of my friends & I tried their crushed rose & champagne drink which was LUSH! It was so nice & SWEET… & my other friend had a lemon drink which was nice too :) They had some amazing nibbles there too… The caramel profiteroles were to die for! We were all sent away with a little goodie bag with a silver necklace inside, a little booklet with more information on their AW10 collection as well as one item of clothing each! Knowing me I picked up a GORGEOUS silk dress (it’s actually pictured in the 3rd picture from the top… Bottom left hand corner – in case you were wondering ;))

You can view their collection on their website or a store near you…
(Which can be found on their website too!)

The day involved lots of browsing, shopping & eating :) I’ve just got to say that some of the Selfridge’s girls at the beauty counters were AMAZING! Don’t you love it when you get served really well? It put such a big smile on us girls :) … We ended the day with a lovely birthday meal (courtesy of my gorgeous friends) at a Lebanese restaurant off of Oxford street called “MAROUSH“… The food was fab! Here’s a little preview of the different dishes we had… My favourite was their FALAFEL :)

Did you guys do anything over the weekend? I went to Bull Ring & met up with one of my friends. Watch out for that post :)

How saucy are you?

Hey dolls. How are we all? Hope you’re all fantastic :) I LOVE red nails! I seriously do believe that RED nail polish is a staple colour that every girl needs in their lives! It goes with ANYTHING & EVERYTHING!

I recently painted my nails in SAUCY POLISH for naughty nails by Eyeko! I have come to know & love Eyeko products recently! Every polish has a different sticker – not sure if people would get CONFUSED by the brand in that way?! But it definitely makes them STAND OUT from the crowd.

I love the QUIRKY-NESS to their packaging. Sort reminds me of ‘Soap & Glory’ & ‘Benefit’ products. The brush seems to go right to the bottom of the bottle which means more polish to use up ;) In the bottle this colour just looks like any bog-standard red polish… But the colour & quality of the polish is actually AMAZING!

RRP: Roughly £3.50 for 8.5ml
(You can also get come awesome sets off their website!)

Believe it or not you can actually get away with ONLY ONE COAT of this polish for a lovely, bright red. I know with my Barry M I have to put at least 2 coats on for a solid colour. However, I put two coats on any ways – I’m a bit OCD like that :oops: but I really didn’t need to! It’s not streaky at all & I absolutely love this colour. The picture on the right hand corner is actually of me wearing it after almost 4 days! There are NO chips or peels AND I had NO top coat on!! LOVE this polish. I’m definitely stocking up ;)

P.S – I went to my first Bloggers’ event yesterday YAY! Watch out for the post :)

This product was sent to me.

Sleek sunset.

I quickly whipped up this look for AMRITA‘s blog competition :) (Click on her name to see her blog – it’s one of my favourites!) The theme was set as sunset & personally I was inspired by this picture…

(Credit: Google Images)

Here’s what I came up with… My camera didn’t seem to pick up the colours very well as it was much darker than this. Any who – I really hope you all like it :)

Primer » Painterly by MAC.
Eye shadow » Rose, Golden Lemon & Entremauve Pigment. Two to Glow, Stars ‘n’ Rockets, Nocturnelle, Satellite Dreams, Parfait Amour & Trax by MAC.
Top liner » Exaggerate eye liner by Rimmel London.
Upper & lower lash line » Kajal eye liner by Sleek make-up.
Mascara » The Falsies by Maybelline.

P.S – Who’s ready for Autumn? :( I’m not… I want summer back!!