The closest thing to being a minx.

Hey dolls! How is everyone? I’m absolutely HATING the weather! I felt like my house was gonna get flooded like the BB house yesterday! Any ways, where was I?

I’ve had this post planned for a while now but haven’t managed to type it up! Everyone must have heard the HOO-HAA about Minx nails! If you haven’t read my post HERE… I did LOVE them. But with the price I paid & the time they stay on… It can get a little expensive for my ex-student-self! So I went hunting for a nail polish that was the closest thing to being Minx’d out! &… I FOUND IT!

RRP: £5.99 from Sally’s Beauty
China Glaze – Avalanche

I was very impressed with China Glaze! This was the first time I had used this product & let me tell you… You can REALLY tell when you buy a salon professional nail varnish! With nail hardeners in their polish I found this didn’t chip much at all, for the week that I wore it for! In real life the shine & metalic-ness of the polish makes it really look like you’re wearing Minx Nails! This definitely works out a lot CHEAPER & lasts much LONGER than Minx! You can draw animal print designs onto it to give it more of a Minx look too :) I haven’t mastered that but will blog as soon as I do :)

Have you tried China Glaze or Minx Nails? What do you think of them?


  • DeekuBunglie

    I likes the sounds of this baby!

    have they a range of colours that deliver the metallic minx effect?

    • Kaushal

      The Sally’s I went to only had this metallic colour :( But I’m sure they have other metallic colours available? Definitely a silver & gold :) … As soon as I get a hold of some I will do another post :) x