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The PERFECT jeans?

Do you find it pretty much IMPOSSIBLE to find the perfect fitting jeans? Well… Levi’s have come to our rescue! They’ve launched their new jeans range called “CURVE ID“. This range comes in 3 different cuts:

  • SLIGHT Curve – For jeans that are too tight at the waist
  • DEMI curve – If the waist of the jeans fits but don’t flatter.
  • BOLD curve – If the waist of the jeans gaps at the back.

I don’t know about you but I ALWAYS find it VERY hard to find the perfect jeans that fit just right (in all the right areas too!)… If this range of jeans fit perfectly – like Levis claim they do – I NEED to get my hands on these baby’s ;) On their website they range from £80 – £105! Quite expensive, but if they fit perfectly then… Hey! What the heck :) If & when I do… You’ll be the first to know dolls!

Hmm… I wonder if they sell them at any outlet stores? If they do, they’d be such a BARGAIN! Next time I go to Bicester Shopping Village I’ll definitely have a look :) Here’s a little video that explains a little more about the jeans!

P.S – If you own a pair or have even tried them… Then SPILL THE BEANS ;)

myface.cosmetics – Bling Tone

Hey dolls! Sorry for the lack of posting over the weekend! I’m back with a few posts on the new make-up range which has recently launched in Boots – MYFACE.COSMETICS :) Sound’s a bit like MySpace & Facebook put together right? Here are their ‘Bling Tone’ eye shadows! They have crushed pearl & pigment in these beauties!

They are absolutely gorgeous colours! They retail at £9.99 – which I think is slightly expensive for a high street brand?! Here’s some lovely SWATCHES for you to have a little look at :)

I thought I’d do my swatches like this as you can clearly see how it would look like on your eyes :) As you can see the colours are UBER nice :) My favourite have to be ‘Bellbottom Blues’ & ‘Sp”ice”y’. The eye shadow them selves were a little hard to get on. These pictures were with AT LEAST 2 layers of the various colours! Which means you have to PACK the shadow on really well to get a strong look. But then again it also means that you can wear it lightly over your eyelid. So I suppose you get the BEST of both worlds :) Personally I would prefer to use highly pigmented eye shadows which you don’t have to layer up for the price of these!

I did find it quite hard to take these off my eyes! My baby wipes just weren’t doing it for me LOL. As with ANY pigment & you need to be really careful that you don’t get any fall outs under your eye because they’re hard to get off!

Personally, I’m more of a MATTE girl! I would probably wear these is on top of a similar eye shadow to ENHANCE the colour… Or on my lower lash line or in my inner eye corners to “BLING” my eyes up ;) Do you have anything from the myface.cosmetics range? What do you think of it?

These products were sent to me.

Purple haze.

Hey dolls, I’m back again! I’m on a roll today :) Here I’ve got a look I quickly did with Avon’s True Colour Eye Shadow Quad in nothing other than PURPLE HAZE!

I’ve been LOVING the colour purple recently! Probably because it makes my eyes look lighter :oops: This look I actually did before Denim Blues, in the post before this! I didn’t pack the shadow in well enough & it became a little patchy! But overall I was pleased with the look & colours :) The lighting in my house is rubbish these days, so please bear with me! I’d like to blame the weather :)

I’m actually SAD that Summer’s over :( Well, at least you’ve got me & my blogging banter to entertain you :) Have you tried anything from Avon? What do you think of it? PERSONALLY, I think for the price it’s not too bad! It’s much better than some store brand cosmetics out there, that’s for sure!

P.S – I’ve actually got my eye on THIS! It’s so cute right?

This product was sent to me.

Denim blues.

Hey dolls! As mentioned previously, I will be swatching & reviewing various Avon products! Today I’m gonna kick off with their True Colour Eyeshadow Quad in DENIM BLUES. I can’t remember the last time I wore blue eye shadow?! I seem to wear very neutral colours these days as I don’t have time to do my make-up properly or just can’t be bothered really! I know it’s really bad of me, I’m going to get back into the routine or JAZZING up my make-up every now & again :)

I don’t know why but is this Nicki Minaj-eqsue? Or is it just me?! LOL! Ok, first thing’s first. The eye shadows are so nice & CREAMY!! Not literally because they are powdery, but they go onto your skin really well. I found that if you don’t put enough on, then your eyes can look quite PATCHY, which becomes hard to blend. So I would recommend you dolls to pack the shadow on well :) I used my own brushes as I don’t really like using the spongy brushes that come with palettes. The 4 colours compliment each other very well & the palette is nice & compact so it will fit into your bags on a night out too :) With a primer the shadows stay on pretty well too! They retail at £8 but I’ve seen them on offer for £5on HERE! That’s such a BARGAIN for 4 eye shadows!!

This product was sent to me.

The closest thing to being a minx.

Hey dolls! How is everyone? I’m absolutely HATING the weather! I felt like my house was gonna get flooded like the BB house yesterday! Any ways, where was I?

I’ve had this post planned for a while now but haven’t managed to type it up! Everyone must have heard the HOO-HAA about Minx nails! If you haven’t read my post HERE… I did LOVE them. But with the price I paid & the time they stay on… It can get a little expensive for my ex-student-self! So I went hunting for a nail polish that was the closest thing to being Minx’d out! &… I FOUND IT!

RRP: £5.99 from Sally’s Beauty
China Glaze – Avalanche

I was very impressed with China Glaze! This was the first time I had used this product & let me tell you… You can REALLY tell when you buy a salon professional nail varnish! With nail hardeners in their polish I found this didn’t chip much at all, for the week that I wore it for! In real life the shine & metalic-ness of the polish makes it really look like you’re wearing Minx Nails! This definitely works out a lot CHEAPER & lasts much LONGER than Minx! You can draw animal print designs onto it to give it more of a Minx look too :) I haven’t mastered that but will blog as soon as I do :)

Have you tried China Glaze or Minx Nails? What do you think of them?

iWant… Cartier Love.

I’ve got my eye on something dolls! Again… It’s bloody expensive!! Damn me & my high taste :oops: I’ve been spending a lot of time on the Cartier website… On their LOVE collection & I’ve found a beauty that will go with my amazing GOLD watch :) The collection is to die for, okay not literally! But their pieces are so unique & exquisite… I mean it is CARTIER, so you wouldn’t expect any less :)

Back to what iWant! It’s the LOVE BRACELET!! The thing I love most about this piece is that you screw it on & off at two ends, with your very own mini screw driver! I think that’s very different & also means that there’s a small chance of it breaking or falling off for clumsy people like me :) There are slightly altered versions using this same design too. With diamonds & what-not on them… But I quite prefer the original piece. it’s classy & will go with anything you wear :) As long as it’s gold… I hate mixing different coloured metals together. Like wearing gold AND silver… or Silver AND bronze! There are LOADS of jewellery, leather & timepieces within this collection, so be sure to check them out HERE!

RRP is roughly £3000

Do you own or want to own anything from Cartier?! I sure do (as you can already tell!) :) What do you think of this bracelet? I know the price is RIDIC, but it’s a luxury brand so a big price-tag will always follow it!

P.S – I think I have to agree with my mum here, because I’m beginning to feel sorry for my future husband ;)


Hey dolls! How are you all doing? Hope you’re all well :) I was in a bit of a dilemma – well I have been for a while… Don’t you just hate it when you get the CUTEST ring & it’s too big? :( I sure do! It especially frustrates me when there’s like only big sizes left in the sales as well! My mum taught me a trick whenever I got a hold of slightly bigger rings… & that was to wrap thread around the ring like THIS

It did the trick. BUT it took AGES especially if the ring was quite big! But recently, I was introduced to RING SNUGGIES! I know you’re probably thinking “What the HECK it that?!” … I think the best way to explain this is to show you with some pictures :)

It’s no Prince Charming, like in Cinderella but… It’s pretty good right!? Now you won’t have any problems with big rings! It can be a little fiddly getting the SNUGGIES onto your rings, but it gets easier with practise! I got mine from Claire’s Accessories – I can’t even remember the last time I went into that shop! BUT, I know I’ll be going back for more ;)

You get 5 snuggies, different sizes, in a pack for £3.50 which isn’t too bad… It just means that you can pick up a bargain in the sales & not have to worry about the ring being too big ;)

P.S – I’m sure you can grab bigger packs of these for cheaper on the internet :) Have you ever tried these before?


I was lucky enough to be reunited with a brand of cosmetics which I’ve grown up with. The one and only AVON. Some of you may think that this is a some what OLD SCHOOL brand, but with what I’ve come across this past week or so is much more than that. They have revamped the whole brand image… Which to me brings a nice new fresh of breath air for Avon… If you’ve read my “ABOUT” section, you will know that Avon was the reason that my LOVE for cosmetics came about :)

I’ve got a series of Avon products to review for you… But I thought I’d start off with 2 of my favourite & day-to-day products which I use the most. EYE LINER & MASCARA!

I’m not gonna lie, I’ve used Avon eye liner longer than any other eye liner out there. It was probably because my mum would always bring them home after work. But other than that, they’re fairly affordable & well as being of good quality.

RRP: £5.50 – but usually on offer :D

I absolutely love all 4 eye liners. You’re probably thinking, “WHY?!” right? Well I’ve got 3 biggies on why! Firstly, these colours are very pigmented & you can build the colour up as you go along. That way you’re not stuck with always having a dark eye liner on your waterline &/or lower or upper lash line! Another reason why I love these is because it is very rare for these liners to SMUDGE! Yes, I know!! Amazing isn’t it? I RARELY get panda eyes with these!! But I have with certain brands… & I absolutely hate panda eyes! Lastly, as well as being in a retractable pen which means no faffing about with a sharpener, this is also WATERPROOF as well! I recently bought a Chanel waterproof eye liner which I paid about £18 for it, & Avon beats it ANY DAY!! The ‘Smokey Diamond’ colour has a bit of sparkle to it which would look GREAT in a smoky eye for a night out with the girls! I think every girl should own an Avon eyeliner! They’re a must have for your make-up bags dolls!

Now on to the mascaras. I’m in two minds about these. Both ‘SuperSHOCK’ (waterproof) & ‘SuperMagnify’ mascaras have a some what comb-like wand… I’m not very KEEN on comb wands. I always think that there is no way that it’s going to comb through all my lashes to make them look good. But I guess that’s just a personal choice. However, I was surprised with what they did!

RRP: £8 for normal SuperSHOCK & £8.50 for SuperSHOCK waterproof.

I quite liked this mascara! One thing I have to say is that the first time I used it I found that it dried fairly QUICKLY, so you have to make sure you keep dipping the want back into the tube – & I don’t really do that much which was a bit weird for me! I made this mistake the first time I used it & it clumped on my lashes & looked very weird :( Any ways I’ve got used to re-dipping the wand & I LOVE how my lashes look every time I wear this! From quite a distance you can see my DEFINED lashes which I don’t seem to get with my regular favourites. Because this mascara’s waterproof it takes a little longer to REMOVE & made my lashes slightly hard… I honestly wasn’t expecting much from this mascara because thought the CHUNKY wand & little spikes wouldn’t do wonders but clearly it did! I was impressed with this product seeing as I’m more of a brush wand girl!

RRP: £8.50

As you can see this mascara doesn’t ‘volumize’ your lashes, but it does make them slightly longer. Personally I would wear this mascara to work as it’s not in-your-face kind of product – which is always a safe bet for a working environment! I was really surprised that it made a difference because looking at the wand & the tiny little spikes on it (which you can’t really see in the picture LOL)… I thought it wouldn’t do much! But it did separate my lashes & managed to coat the IDDY-BIDDY ones too :) I prefer my lashes to be full of volume, so I liked SuperSHOCK way better! I think that has converted me slightly to a comb type wand for sure!

P.S – Sorry about the picture quality! I took these photographs in the evening & they didn’t turn out too good! But look out for a few more Avon posts dolls! Have you tried any Avon products at all?

These products were sent to me.


I’m officially 22 now!! I still feel like a kid though! I wasn’t going to blog today but thought I’d do a post about the AMAZING birthday weekend I had! I was definitely spoilt by a special someone :)

I was up THOUSANDS of feet in the air on the London Eye (which is absolutely amazing!!) & did a mini-cruise on the River Thames :) It was a LOVELY day! The rain didn’t come in the way much either!

If any of you have been to America & tried CHIPOTLE, we have one in LONDON!! I had the pleasure of eating a quick dinner there :) It was YUM-MMY!!

Blazer » FCUK
Top » New Look
Jeggings » Primark
Shoes » New Look (If you follow me on Twitter, you’ll know that I got blisters on my feet & all sorts & had to get some rather INTERESTING replacements for the day – I’ll be Twitpic-ing them tomorrow!)
Bag » Miss Selfridge
Scarf » Accessorize
Ring » Primark
Braclet » Oasis

Primer » Mineral Foundation Primer by Laura Mercier
Foundation » Cream based Mineralize SPF 15 Foundation by MAC.
Blush » Soft Plum by Avon.
Eyeshadow Primer » Sublime Nature Paints Peintures by MAC.
Eyeliner » Blackest Black by Avon.
Lipstick » Costa Chic by MAC.

Coral Nail Paint by Barry M.


ALSO… Here’s a sneak peek into the presents I got on my shopping day on Sunday! Along with some mouth-watering Krispy Creams (but they were eaten quickly!) So, here’s my beautiful Guess watch (which I can’t stop staring at!) & my first Chanel nail varnish. Their highly anticipated colour… PARADOXAL! I just know I’ll be wearing this colour for a LONG time!  Surprisingly the Chanel I went to had a few bottles left – I was gob-smacked to be quite honest. But, YAY! :D

Thank YOU for an amazing weekend, you know who you are…

Did you get up to anything interesting over the weekend dolls? & did anyone else manage to get Paradoxal? What do you think about it?

Day & Night.

Hi Dolls! How are you all doing? Firstly, I would like to THANK you all for the love & support for the past few months!! I really love blogging & am so happy that I can share my ramblings with you… & throughout the process I’ve managed to get many regular readers :) Secondly… Who’s BUMMED out by the awful weather? I sure am!! :(

On a lighter note though… I got a request to do a day & night look the other week. So… Here it is dolls! Sorry, it’s not very good as I was in a super rush to get everything done today! But, what I’ve got here is a look that will work for ANY DAY of the year! You can mix & match the day colours to give you an exciting smoky eye for the night :) Here’s the DAY look… I’ve kept it VERY simple so it doesn’t matter whether you’re at work, out shopping or even going to run some errands :) The crease colour can be swapped for any other colour you want, which is GREAT :) I opted for a quick & easy natural look…

Primer » Sublime Nature Paints Peintures by MAC.
Eye shadow » Trax & Satin Taupe by MAC – On the crease only!
Top liner » Blackest Black Glimmerstick by Avon & Eye Definition liquid liner by Collection 2000.
Bottom liner » Eye Bright by Benefit.
Mascara » The Falsies by Maybelline.

So as you can see, the day look is very natural & subtle. The primer is very similar to my skin tone so it works great as an “INVISIBLE” eye shadow ;) You can change the crease colour with any eye shadow colour you wish to. Coral, pink, dusy blue, they all work well. Just make sure you blend them properly else it’ll just look ODD! Now for the NIGHT look, all you need to do is add 2 more colours on top of what’s already on your eye & HEY PRESTO! You’re good to party the night away! Just make sure you top up your eyeliner and mascara ;) Here’s the night look… With a quick list of what I’ve added & topped up on…

Eye Shadow » NYX Grey on the lid, NYX Black on the crease & blended it well.
Mascara » Top up of The Falsies by Maybelline.
Top Liner » Blackest Black Glimmerstick by Avon & Eye Definition liquid liner by Collection 2000 both topped up.
Waterline » Blackest Black Glimmerstick by Avon.
Lower Lash Line » Black NYX eye shadow on my lower lash line.

It looks like I’ve added a lot from that list but it was really quick & easy to do! I hope this helps you with your weekend coming up… & for the rest of the year! Are you doing anything nice this weekend? I am! I’m off to explore the big city, I’m very, VERY excited :D If you have any requests then please let me know, I’ll be more than happy to do them :)

P.S – This looks looks great with a natural colour blush & nude/pink lips ;)