Confused weather?

Yup. The weather seems to be REALLY confused right now. It’s not quite sure if it wants to be sunny, windy, rainy or even thunder-stormy! (Was that even a word?! :oops:) Well, I’ve gotta say, it’s taken a toll on my skin that’s for sure. It seems to be much drier than usual :( So dolls, I’ve come to your rescue (if you’re experiencing the same thing as me). I tried a face mask last night (as promised from my earlier post, which can be found here BEAUTY & THE MASK) to see if it made any difference… This is what I used to make it…

1 tbsp of OLIVE OIL
1/2 tbsp of HONEY

This mask literally took me about 4 minutes to make. I kept it on between 10-15 minutes… & OH MY GOSH! My skin ACTUALLY feels like a baby’s bottom!! (No exaggeration intended)… Okay, I’ve gotta admit, it was a little messy when I put it on my face, but for what is does to your skin at the end… It’s SO worth it! The olive oil & honey combination is truly amazing. My skin doesn’t feel or look thirsty any more, which is EXACTLY what I was in need of! I’m going to try this combination without the cucumber & replaced by different vegetables/fruits to give the purpose of the face mask a little twist :)

P.S – Do you have any personal favourite home made face masks? Share your tips :)


  • kuki

    If you have oily or combi skin, You need a bag of clay cat litter (non clumping) mix with a bit of water and clove oil until it’s slushy. pack it on. 10-15 mins! bingo! it really works!!! absorbs the excess sebum from the pores.

    my skin is very sensitive. so i cannot use anything acidic. best ingredients for my skin are green tea, cucumbers, yoghurt, oatmeal etc.

    the other thing i love to make is face scrubs. i have a serious problem with exfoliators, ive used every brand possible and my skin breaks out! so i like to make one myself. 2 spoons of sugar, few drops of eucalyptus oil! if you have pigmentation problems, you could add lemon juice to this mix (i cant cos my skin would burn like crazy) and for body scrub you could use rock salt instead! coarse grains.

  • Kaushal

    I’m not sure if you read my “Beauty & the MASK” post, but I’m actually trying that kitty litter mask out very soon :) In August sometime I reckon! Sand is also a very very good exfoliator :) That’s what I use every time I’m at the beach (which isn’t that often, but when I am that’s a must!)

  • Jaezel Ena Lacsao

    Use a grater or I’ll put it in a blender?

    • Kaushal

      Using a grater is so much easier (& less hassle!) x