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Confused & CLOGGED up.

I haven’t done a fashion post in what seems like AGES! But I’m warning you guys in advance that I’m gonna have a RANT about clogs! It’s been on my mind for a while now… & seriously, I REALLY don’t get this clog business? Okay, I get that they were present at Fashion Week & what not… But really?! Personally, I would never in a MILLION years think that they would make a comeback?! Nor would I even CONSIDER wearing them. Okay okay, maybe that’s what some may think other past fashion trends. But CLOGS? I just can’t get my head around it :oops: Maybe it’s just me… & I reckon I couldn’t pull them off either. Many celebrities & models have been snapped with them on, with a pair of baggy jeans. But if you ask me, I’m not really feeling the whole idea of clogs being in fashion…

Source: Net-a-Porter & individual brand websites.

1. Schuh £34.99
2. Kurt Geiger £160
3. Dune £85
4. Kurt Geiger £190
5. Marni £380
6. Michael Kors $250

What do YOU feel about clogs? Yay? Or Nay?

Kohl eyes. Part 2.

Hi dolls! I said I would post pictures of just how INTENSE the home made kohl just is… So this is just a quick post to show you just exactly that ;)

I don’t think the picture does justice to the intensity of the kohl… It is SUPER pigmented & heavy, so be careful when you put it on. But other than that, I love my new kohl fix! It lasts for ages too :) YAY! By the way, I applied it with a cotton bud/Q-tip :) … Easy peasy!

Kohl eyes. Part 1.

I recently ran out of eye liner & thought I’d try out an old trick that my grandma taught me about making kohl at HOME! This is what you will need to make it:

  • Ghee (clarified butter).
  • Cotton wick (made by rolling one end into a point & the rest in a ball shape).
  • Diya holder (to put cotton wick in).
  • Matches.
  • Spoon/Inverted basin either in steel or clay.
  • Scraper e.g end of a match stick to scrape the kohl off the spoon or inverted basin.
  • Kohl pot (any small container you want to keep the kohl in).

So this is what I did…

  • I placed the cotton wick & ghee into a diya holder & lit the wick.
  • Hold the spoon above the flame to catch the soot, or place a steel or clay inverted basin above the flame by using stands on the side (e.g. glasses – not something flammable like books!) to hold the basin in place above the flame.
  • Add more ghee to the flame, when needed.
  • Leave for roughly 1 hour.
  • Scrape the soot off your soot collector into your desired kohl holder, with something like the end of a matchstick.
  • Slowly add a drop of ghee into the powder.
  • Keep doing this until you have a smooth & consistent black paste.


Now, VOILÀ! Your home made kohl is ready! It’s a very DARK black & looks amazing on! I will post a picture of how it looks like this week for you dolls :)



  • You can apply the kohl with a COTTON BUD or Q-TIP.
  • Make sure enough OXYGEN gets to the flame.
  • Keep an eye on the ghee within the diya holder, you don’t want the flame to go OUT!
  • If the ghee is looking low, just ADD MORE as you go along.
  • Your soot collector will be VERY HOT, so please, PLEASE, don’t touch it straight away! Leave it to cool for 10-20 minutes.
  • The process can get MESSY when you’re scraping the soot, so be prepared!
  • You can apply this DRY onto your eyes without adding the ghee at the end, just make sure it’s COOL before you do!
  • You can swap the ghee & cotton wick for an ALMOND, but I haven’t tried it personally!
  • The ghee & also be swapped for CASTER OIL, but I haven’t tried that personally either!


P.S – I will try the alternative methods too & give you a run down on how it goes :)

Happy graduation to me :)

Some of you may, or may not, know that I graduated recently! It was a WINDY & RAINY day, but good none the less :) I thought I’d do a quick post about what I wore because trust me, it was so… SOO hard to pick & also of how I did my face :) My cousin gave me the idea of doing this post! She pointed out that “no one ever knows what to wear to their graduation & it will help loads of people!” … So hopefully this will help :)

Foundation » Cream based Mineralize SPF 15 Foundation by MAC.
Powder »Minveralize Skinfinish/Natural by MAC.
Concealor » Studio Finish SPF 35 by MAC.
Blush » Buff by MAC.
Eyes shadow Primer » Painterly Paint Pot by MAC.
Eye Shadow » Tempting By MAC.
Eye Liner » Black eyeliner by NYX.
Lashes » Number 12 MAC eyelashes.
Mascara » Falsies by Maybelline.

I was ready to leave the house in a dress but then thought it might be better to wear a smart skirt, so I tucked my dress into a black skirt MINUTES before we left! I didn’t want to be over dressed nor under dress, so I played it safe! But decided to go with some FAB, out-there shoesies :)

Top/Dress » Peacocks
Skirt » Matalan
Shoes » Zara

P.S – I won’t be blogging over the weekend, but have got a really good post coming up on Monday! PLEASE don’t forget to connect with me! All the links are on the right-hand corner dolls :) Muchas gracias!

Confused weather?

Yup. The weather seems to be REALLY confused right now. It’s not quite sure if it wants to be sunny, windy, rainy or even thunder-stormy! (Was that even a word?! :oops:) Well, I’ve gotta say, it’s taken a toll on my skin that’s for sure. It seems to be much drier than usual :( So dolls, I’ve come to your rescue (if you’re experiencing the same thing as me). I tried a face mask last night (as promised from my earlier post, which can be found here BEAUTY & THE MASK) to see if it made any difference… This is what I used to make it…

1 tbsp of OLIVE OIL
1/2 tbsp of HONEY

This mask literally took me about 4 minutes to make. I kept it on between 10-15 minutes… & OH MY GOSH! My skin ACTUALLY feels like a baby’s bottom!! (No exaggeration intended)… Okay, I’ve gotta admit, it was a little messy when I put it on my face, but for what is does to your skin at the end… It’s SO worth it! The olive oil & honey combination is truly amazing. My skin doesn’t feel or look thirsty any more, which is EXACTLY what I was in need of! I’m going to try this combination without the cucumber & replaced by different vegetables/fruits to give the purpose of the face mask a little twist :)

P.S – Do you have any personal favourite home made face masks? Share your tips :)

iWant… Loren Jewels.

Hey dolls :) How’s everyone been doing so far this summer? The weather became gloomy for abit in the UK which made me a little :( but it’s been nice an sunny the past two days :) Anyhow, I thought I’d start an “iWant” section… This is basically for whenever I see something that iWant, iBlog :) I was thinking to call it iNeed, but that would just make me sound EVEN greedier :oops:

Source: Official Loren Jewels website.

Each piece in this exquisite collection is created to the highest possible standard. Each is handcrafted using only the finest materials and the most extraordinary gemstones in the world. The collection’s focus is on precious metals and gemstones including diamond, pearl, blue sapphire, bakelite, tourmaline, rose quartz, emerald, black onyx, and tanzanite. -

AMAZING. Isn’t it? So is the price actually! Loren Jewels, by Loren Ridinger ranges from roughly $750 to $100,000!! I know, I know you must think I’m CRAZY for wanting these but, I don’t care :) Okay maybe not the ridiculously expensive ones :oops: I absolutely LOVE her designs though! All I need to do is save up… A LOT! Hehe :) I know someone will copy her work and make cheap/fake versions, which may make it look tacky but still iWant the real deal! I watch E! Entertainment a lot, including Keeping up with the Kardashians & Kourtney & Khole take Miami… & those girls wear her stuff quite a bit along with a few other Hollywood elite people. But, OMG! It blings like mad! My favourite has to be the ball bracelet :) I will blog it WHEN I get it (wishful thinking) ;)

P.S – What do you think of Loren Jewels? What’s you’re favourite piece?

There’s a NEW girl in town…

…& her name’s NICOLE! One of my favourite nail polish brands, OPI, have recently launched a new range of nail polish, exclusively available on! I was sent a sample of “Nicole by OPI” last week & have had a little play around with them… Okay so, I found there’s definitely some pros & maybe a con too! But it’s too soon to know that for sure, at the moment :|

I was sent “SHOW YOU CARE” (the blacky-purpley one), “RESPECT THE WORLD” (the turquoisey one) & “PLAY FAIR” (the lilacy one). Haha! I hope you liked my versions of the colour names ;) Okay so, you get exactly the same amount of polish in Nicole as opposed to their original. Considering the original costs about £10 a bottle, with Nicole you’re only spending £6.95 which is not half that bad :) Compared to the shape of the original, there’s not much difference… UNTIL you see it from the side view :| I just think some of the polish in the corner of the bottle will go to waste if the brush can’t reach it :( But then again, only time will tell that. That’s pretty much the ONLY thing that I didn’t like about the polish. Other than that…

… I think the product is FAB! & no, I’m not just saying that because I received this to sample. I’ve used OPI products in the past & Nicole seems to be almost identical to the real thing :) It’s definitely worth a buy if you’re looking for good quality polish :) With a top coat, it doesn’t chip easily either ;) My FAVOURITE has to be “Show You Care”. It’s the most deep, aubergine, black-plum colour, ever!! SOMEONE seems to be getting better with describing colours, aye? :D I’ve not seen anything like it! Sorry for the flash on pictures for that colour… Without it, it looked kinda black :oops: but the hint of purple is GORGEOUS! “Play Fair” has to be my second best, the colour is very summery & in this time of year :) It’s got a little shimmer to it, as does “Respect the World”. I’m not really into SHIMERY colours to be quite honest. In the picture “Respect the World” looks quite blue, but in reality it’s more of a turquoisey-green more than anything, it’s deffo not a ‘ME‘ colour! The product (minus the shape of the bottle) is definitely worth a look! Check it out by clicking HERE !

These products were sent to me.

Glowstix & Lollipops.

This look was inspired & dedicated to an upcoming, smash hit, SUPER catchy song called “GLOWSTIX & LOLLIPOPS” by London Dream Boyz aka LDB & produced by none other than my very own, amazingly talented… VEX KING ;)

Find LDB here  …  &  … Vex King here



Here it is dolls…

Primer » Painterly by MAC.
Eye shadow » Carbon by MAC.
Top liner » All colours from Internacionale.
Bottom liner » Black by NYX.
Mascara » The Falsies by Maybelline.

Just how FALSE is Falsies?

The other day I was strolling down the isles of Boots… Okay, okay down the make-up isles in Boots :oops: I was actually there to get some nail polish remover… But any ways, I came across the Maybelline area too see ONLY 2 of their “THE FALSIES” mascaras left on the shelf!!

If you remember, in June I blogged about my personal top 5 mascaras & this particular one came SECOND for me. I thought I’d show you dolls just HOW amazing this mascara is… even WITHOUT having to curl your lashes :)

As you can see, it physically adds SO much length onto your own lashes. The CURVED mascara wand catches all your lashes, which I found was ABSOLUTELY amazing! I find it’s slightly drier than the other mascaras that I’ve used. But in terms of drying it’s pretty fast compared to my other favourite (Zoom Lash by MAC). By any means, you can wear a thicker layer of mascara depending on how you like it. But, I prefer this look as it fans out my eyelashes, brightening my whole face :) I am VERY impressed with this product & will continue using this, no doubt! Next time you’re in Boots or Superdrug, make sure you think of me & grab one of these ;)

Beauty & the MASK.

A few days ago I decided to make a homemade face mask. BUT… I realised that I didn’t know where to start, to be quite honest! So, I thought I’d do some research about why certain fruits, vegetables & essential oils are GREAT for your skin. After a LONG few days here it is… It’s alittle long but hopefully I won’t bore you too much :oops: Hold on tight dolls!


…It is said that…


ALMOND OIL » Ideal for chapped & irritated skin. It promotes a clear & young complexion, leaving your skin soft!

ALOE VERA » Ideal for dry skin. It lightens dark spots, prevents ageing , moisturises & relieves heat on the skin caused by sunburn. It can also helps heal burns, eczema & acne.

APPLE » Ideal for sunburns. It tones tired & stressed out skin. For youthful & glowing skin & diluted apple cider vinegar can be used for acne.

ARTICHOKE » It rejuvenates & nourishes tired, dull-looking skin!

AVOCADO » For all skin types. It is very hydrating (perfect for dry & sensitive skin). It leaves skin soft, fresh, smooth & healthy. They rejuvenate dry or tired skin & can reduce signs of ageing!

BANANA » Ideal for dry skin. It enhances the glow of your skin. They leave your skin supple & soft. Banana peel can heal acne, warts & blemishes.

BROWN SUGAR » It is a great exfoliator! It gets rid of dead skin cells leaving your skin soft!

CARROTS » Ideal for oily skin. It gives your skin a glow, youthful & firm look. They nourish, prevent wrinkles, promote regeneration of skin cells & restores the skin.

COCONUT OIL » Ideal for dry skin. It protects the skin from eczema. The oil also leaves your skin soft & glowing.

CUCUMBER » Ideal for oily skin. It soothes, softens, cleanses, tones & rejuvenates the skin making it glow. They reduce dark circles, puffy eyes & freckles over time as well as fighting wrinkles for a youthful look.

EGG WHITE » Ideal for oily skin. It minimises pores leaving the skin feeling tightened for a small amount of time. They also absorb excess oil in the skin.

GLYCERINE (diluted) » Ideal for dry skin. It rejuvenates & soothes eczema. It will help skin resources to get enhanced!

GRAPES » It softens skin, reduces ageing. Also it makes the skin glow & healthy.

GRAPE FRUIT » Ideal for oily & combined skin. It rejuvenates the skin, helps reduce freckles, wrinkles & lightens pigmentation spots over time.

HONEY » Ideal for dry skin. It nourishes & moisturises the skin without leaving it oily. It also has anti ageing properties.

KITTY LITTER (I know you must think I’m MAD but keep reading!) » Unscented, 100% pure clay kitty litter is said to be excellent for clay face masks!! Clay face masks tighten pores, have detoxing properties, absorb excess oils, dirt & harmful toxins from the skin!! (I’m DEFINITELY going to try this one… I will let you know how it goes!!)

KIWI FRUIT » It cleanses the skin. They make skin more elastic, young & fresh.

LEMON » Ideal for oily skin. It is a natural toner & cleanser. It can reduce wrinkles, freckles, age spots, treat blemishes & whiten  skin over time. They can also remove blackheads. Don’t go into the sun straight after because it can irritate the skin!

MILK » Ideal for dry skin. It rejuvenates & nourishes skin. It can reduce wrinkles, lighten your skin & your skin will become soft & elastic again!

OATS » Ideal for dry skin. It is a natural cleanser & relieves itching, rashes, restores natural moisture. They act as a scrub by removing dead skin cells & give a natural healthy glow.

OLIVE OIL » Has an anti aging effect. It moisturises, slows ageing, rejuventates skin & gives your skin a healthy & natural glow.

ORANGE » Ideal for oily skin. The peel can be used to cleanse the skin for a natural glow & radiant skin. They also preventing pimples, acne, premature ageing & wrinkling.

PAPAYA » It heals & aids acne. They also rejuvenates skin for a natural glow & acts as a cleanser.

PEACH » Helps firm the skin (& they smell great too!)

ROSE WATER » Is a natural toner & cleanser. It softens, soothes & reduces dryness, scaling & peeling.

SANDALWOOD » Has a cooling effect. It evens out your complexion, softens skin & can reduce acne & blemishes.

STRAWBERRIES » Are good for exfoliating, removing impurities, reducing swelling, redness, reduce ageing & whitens the skin over time. They also reduce pores & repairs skin damage. They aren’t recommended for sensitive or sunburnt skin.

TOMATO » For all types of skin. It cleanses, rejuvenates, brightens, reduces acne & restores sunburnt skin. It can be used to get rid of excess oil & to balance the skin. They also remove dead skin & unplug pores leaving skin soft, bright & radiant!

TURMERIC » It is a natural cleanser for radiant, soft skin! It helps reduce skin infections, spots, acne, dryness & pigmentation. It gives skin a natural glow!

YOGHURT » Ideal for all types of skin. Ideal for dry skin. It cleanses, soothes irritation, clarifies the pores whilst softening the skin! It can also help with acne & eczema.


How LONG should I leave my face mask on for? Roughly 10-20 minutes!

How OFTEN should I wear a face mask? Once a week is usually fine. HOWEVER, it can also depend on your SKIN TYPE. If your skin is OILY you can get away with a few face masks per week to control the oil. But for example if you skin is DRY, you should stick to one mask as you don’t wanna dry your skin out even more!

NOTE: Please make sure you’re not allergic to any of the ingredients before applying a face mask ;)


Now you’ve got some basics of what makes a good FACE MASKWHY…. I’ve done all the hard work for you (you can thank me later ;)) So now you can literally mix & match different ingredients to make your UNIQUE masks… In the comfort of your own HOME! I’ll be making some very soon so watch this space for review posts & tweets dolls :)

P.S – Make sure you have a masher, grater or food processor handy when making your face masks :)