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Top 5 » Mascaras

I tend to use mascara & eye liner as a basic, day-to-day essential for my eyes. It can make a big difference to them in an INSTANCE! So I thought I’d do a quick post about my personal TOP 5 mascaras… Here it is dolls!

1. Zoom Lash by MAC (£12.50)

2. Falsies by Maybelline (£7.99)

3. Diorshow Black Out by Dior (£21.50)

4. BADgal Lash by Benefit (15.50)

5. High Impact Mascara by Clinique (£14.50)

I’m a bit of a MAC addict therefore had to give the number one spot to their unbeatable ZOOM LASH! Perfect for curling & lengthening your lashes with a RICH black colour. I’m using it at the moment & dolls… If I had a £1 every time someone asked if I was wearing fake lashes… I’d be a rich girl ;) However, I’m VERY excited to try their new OPULASH for BIG, FAT & FULL lashes! But, I’ve gotta say… Falsies by Maybelline REALLY surprised me! The mascara itself is quite dry but works like a charm! Definitely getting some of that very soon! Diorshow & BADgal Lash are fairly similar but again work AMAZINGLY for full, thick & intense lashes! I found that the Clinique mascara is very good for natural looking lashes, if you’re not into the big, thick & fanned out lash look :) Hope this helps next time you’re in a PICKLE when choosing a mascara girls :)

P.S – What’s YOUR favourite mascara?


I’m not talking about the stuff you eat here… Although, it’s really YUMMY :) But I’m actually talking about those old school jelly shoes. I hate to admit it but I used to FLEX them back in the day :oops: But hey, I’m sure we all did at some point ;) However, we’ve now got the new & improved range of jelly sandals out, which are looking rather yummy might I add! They seem to be EVERYWHERE I look! I have 2 pairs myself from last year & I wore them during the whole summer. I’m definitely going to get some more for this year too :) Here are a few of my favourites…

Source: Net-a-Porter & individual brand websites.

1. River Island  £12.99
2. Michael Kors £55
3. River Island £12.99
4. Jimmy Choo £195
5. Miss KG £25
6. Diane Von Furstenberg £70
7. ASOS £12
8. Jimmy Choo £95

P.S – I wore clear jelly sandals (like number 3) last year to Egypt & they didn’t give me tan lines! So make sure you get your jellies for your summer holiday :)

False lashes anyone?

Okay, I’ve got to admit that not everyone is blessed with LONG, CURLY eyelashes that you see everywhere from the magazines to the movies. That’s where we’ve got FALSE LASHES to save the day. Personally, I never really considered wearing them until recently & even now I only tend to wear them on special occasions such as weddings & parties. They usually range from about £2 (NYC False Lashes) to a whopping $65 (Shu Uemura)!! I’ve tried a few brands out but I’m either very clumsy & lose them :oops: or I can only wear them a HANDFUL of times :(

So, I’ve recently started eBaying :D & thought why not have a quick look at what there is to buy :oops: I came across 10 (yes girls, TEN) eyelashes for 99p! I saw this & thought my eyes were playing tricks on me but NOPE! For £2.79 (which included the P&P charges) I had 10 eyelashes shipped to my house in less than a week, all the way from TOKYO, the other day! They aren’t as flexible as some of the other brands I’ve used in the past which include: Eylure, Revlon & MAC… But for less than 30p a pair, I’m not complaining ;) They came in a nice box & with glue but I didn’t really like the glue to be honest. However, if you’re ever after any eyelash adhesive, MAC’s DUO is the one to go for! It’s what I use ALL the time! They are LONG so I did have to trim them to fit my eye :)

I am REALLY pleased with them :) As you can see from the pictures they are gorgeous! They were bought from Beauty28888 … Click on the name to see what other styles she’s selling! They’re a must have bargain!

P.S – If you want your false lashes to LAST LONGER here’s a tip for you… Apply mascara to your REAL lashes before putting the false ones on! DON’T apply mascara to your false lashes! This will keep them looking almost brand new for your next wear :) Also, try keeping them in their ORIGINAL PACKAGING as it will help keep their shape for your next big party ;)

21 Forever… Forever 21

I’m SO not looking forward to turning 22 this summer… BUT now, FOREVER 21 is coming to the UK (which will hopefully make me feel young & 21 forever ;))

Forever 21 is one of the biggest, well-known & established retail companies, with over 500 stores alone, in the USA… & I gotta admit, I do love the place! When I lived in LA & even now when ever I visit the store, I know I can ALWAYS pick up a bargain! Their clothes are trendy, fashionable & most importantly AFFORDABLE! They make clothes for women, men & children! So shops like Topshop, Primark & New Look better WATCH OUT!

They signed their first deal for Westfield Stratford City, which is still in construction & very recently signed their second deal with Bull Ring in Birmingham! The store is going to be MASSIVE (35,000 square foot to be exact!) & will be set to open this fall! I know, I KNOW! I literally cannot wait! As much as I don’t want summer to end, I do at the same time :oops: They’re still looking to acquire a central London store & also stores in Manchester and Glasgow! Pretty soon we’ll be seeing it everywhere :D Check out their official website HERE to see what they have to offer. I promise that you WON’T be disappointed :)

Maxi MAD!

I’ve been LOVING the maxi dresses this season. Here are a few or my favourite! I LITERALLY can’t wait for Forever 21 to come to England next season because I love & have missed their stuff :) Maxi’s 3 & 8 would look FAB with some cute gold gladiator sandals & chunky gold bangles to match! This maxi rule of mine with sandals & chunky bangles could be applied to ALL maxi dresses, to dress them up ;)

Source: Net-a-Porter & individual brand websites.

1. T-Bags £205
2. George £30
3. Forever 21 $22.80
4. Miss Selfridge £29
5. Dorothy Perkins £26
6. Oasis £50
7. Karen Millen £299
8. La Perla £450

P.S – Look out for my FOREVER 21 post ;) It’s not one to miss!

More than just a Magazine.

OH MY GOSH. I just got back from driving around like a headless chicken! Rumour has it that GLAMOUR magazine are giving away BENEFIT make-up with their July 2010 issue… Guess what dolls? After an hour of driving around I’m more than happy to tell you that… It’s TRUE! For £2 you get Glamour magazine & Benefit make-up! What MORE could you possibly ask for, for £2?! & what makes this even better than a bargain is that the make-up is FULL SIZE. No tester rubbish for us girls! We get the full deal :D

With the issue you either get:

  • BADgal Pencil (smouldering black eye pencil)
  • Eye Bright (instant eye brightener)
  • It stick (concealer stick)

These products are roughly £14 each which means were saving £12 & getting Glamour magazine for free OR getting a Benefit product completely FREE with the magazine! :D (Which ever way you want to look at it!) This issue is DEFINITELY more than just a magazine! I got the Eye Bright pencil as I already have the BADgal eyeliner (which is amazing for smokey eyes might I add!) & the It Stick was not on the shelf :( So…

… the Eye Bright pencil is SUPER easy to use for tired looking eyes. You simply apply a stroke to the inner & outer eye, then BLEND with your finger & VOILÀ! Your eyes will instantly be brightened! :) Perfect for when you’re on the go, as it fits into your purse too ;) I will be trying it tomorrow morning as I’m off to the X-Factor Auditions :) & NO I’m not trying out! I’m just going to watch! But look out for my Tweets dolls!

P.S – Get it before they sell out everywhere! I had to go to a petrol station to get mine… & I’m definitely going to have another look this week to get the It Stick :oops:


If you haven’t heard of Minx nails… WHERE have your been?! Beyoncé, Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Katie Perry, Fergie & Kim Kardashian (just to name a few ;)) have all been wearing them! You must remember the single ladies video… Well, I always thought Beyoncé had metal or some  SUPER metallic nail varnish on! But yep, you guessed it… It’s all Minx nails! Which is foil that is heated & applied to your nails. (CLICK HERE FOR OFFICIAL WEBSITE) They looked pretty darn amazing so yesterday I got them done & I’ve come to the conclusion that EVERY girl needs to get Minxed out ;)

I decided to go for the LEOPARD design & I absolutely LOVE them! They cost me £18 & they’ll last from 2-3 weeks depending on how well I care for them. If you get your toes Minxed, they can last up to 8 WEEKS! :shock: I’m definitely going back to get my toes done for the summer :) This picture actually doesn’t do justice to exactly HOW shiny they really are! Here’s a close up…

I’ve been told that they slowly peel back from the tip (as does any nail varnish) but they don’t chip & last longer than usual nail varnishes! They took about 30-40 minutes to do & to take them off all you need to do is heat them with a HAIR DRYER & peel them off :) Watch out for my Tweets & Twitpics to let you know how they last :)

P.S – Check out the salon locator on their official website to find out where you can get Minxed. But if you’re from Northamptonshire & want to know where to get them done, just drop me an E-MAIL :)

To straighten… Or not to straighten?

This is pretty much my dilemma every morning I wash my hair, without a doubt. I know, I know, it makes me sound really LAZY, but recently my hair has become REALLY long.

As you can see, it’s quite long. It was actually straightened in this picture :P  So, I’ve been leaving it to air dry & not doing anything to it… Which frankly makes me look like a SLOB who doesn’t comb her hair let alone taming it to look some what ‘normal’ :oops: I mean, don’t get me wrong… I absolutely LOVE doing my hair, but some days I feel like coming out of the shower & not having to do anything to it :)

Then it hit me! My sister-in-law had treatment done to her hair in America called “Japanese Straightening” (or something along those lines), where she literally would wash her hair, leave it to air dry & it would be STRAIGHT, SHINY & looked SUPER healthy! So, I thought I’d do a little research ;)

I came across YUKO Hair Straightening! It’s a type of hair straightening which uses collagen, keratin & silk proteins which penetrate your hair follicles, leaving it “smooth, radiant & manageable with minimal effort” (OFFICIAL YUKO WEBSITE) It’s actually supposed to be good for your hair, SCORE! Considering my sister-in-law had something VERY similar (if not, the same) treatment to this, I’m REALLY thinking that I need to invest into this BIG TIME! Luckily there are a couple of salons near me which are Yuko qualified, so fingers crossed!

The only down side is that it doesn’t last FOREVER, however it lasts for up to 4 to 9 months! But, it depends on the growth rate of your hair. So basically, if you have curly hair then from the roots your hair will grow curly but the rest, treated with Yuko, will pretty much be dead straight! Which is what happened with my sister-in-law. My hair’s wavy so it shouldn’t be too bad. Also because my hair is long it may cost me quite a bit. I’m in a bit of a DILEMMA… But watch out for my tweets (@BeautyFulfilled) to find out if I end up Yuko-ing my hair :)

P.S – Really, REALLY sorry for not blogging for the past week. I’ve been quite busy & I had my last presentation EVER, yep… I finally finished university (WOOHOO!) But I’m back now :D Remember to follow me on Twitter & Facebook, it’s all in the CONTACT section dolls!